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Letters: Peaceful protestors welcome; Tourism yes, but can we get back to sanity? (Opinion)

South Lake Tahoe Library gives thanks

Dear Editor:

The South Lake Tahoe Library just wrapped up our Summer Reading Challenge, which encouraged children, teens and adults to read all summer long. As with most things, this year looked different than past years with the entire program being moved online. Although we had fewer participants, El Dorado County patrons still logged almost 20,000 books and earned a total of 872 prizes.

This summer we hosted four performers online for children and their caregivers to enjoy from the safety of their own home. Two performers, Wild Things and The Science Wizard, were sponsored by the South Tahoe Optimist Club. We would like to thank them and those who contribute their organization for their generous support. The other two performers, Magician Brian Scott and the Fratello Marionettes, along with all prizes that were handed out were made possible due to the wonderful support from the Friends of the Library. 

On behalf of the South Lake Tahoe Library, I want to say thank you again to these two organizations for supporting our library and the community that we serve.

Kimberly Diebolt, South Lake Tahoe Library

We need tourism but can we get back to our sanity?

Dear Editor:

As a South Lake Tahoe local it seems this summer has been one of the busiest on record. I am not a small business owner, and I am glad for the tourists who come up here to visit and spend their money which helps our economy, but I think I may be speaking for many of us when I say, “can’t all the noise pollution, traffic, surrey bikes clogging our walkways, tourists spreading trash, reckless boaters, long lines everywhere, ect … just go away now so we can get back to our sanity?”

Steve Abrams, South Lake Tahoe

All peaceful protestors are welcome anywhere on public land

Dear Editor:

I am writing in response to a recent letter to the editor in which a Minden resident claimed that Black Lives Matter protesters were not welcome.

The writer claimed that counter right wing protesters supposedly scared them off and that they were trying to prevent their home ‘from becoming Portland.’ Well, as a younger South Lake Tahoe resident, I would like to say that all protesters, be it Black Lives Matter or Blue Lives Matter, are welcome. Protesters are not just welcome in El Dorado County, but anywhere that is public property in our amazing country as long as said protests begin and remain peaceful.

Protesting is the most patriotic act that we have, what were our founding fathers but protesters supporting a cause seen as, dare I say, radical. Protesters are not going to turn Minden into Portland despite what Tucker Carlson wants you to believe, just as two years ago electing more Democrats did not cause a “caravan of migrants” to flood over from the border.

Secondly, I would like to add how sad I was to see the Tahoe Daily Tribune choose to run this Minden resident’s statement as their headline for the section. Controversy sells but in your own instructions you claim, “letters considered libelous, obscene or in bad taste will not be printed.” I would say that this Minden resident’s letter was nothing less than an attempt to intimidate and dissuade public displays of free speech and parrot pundit talking points. In the world or print, I’m not sure there is anything more tasteless, unAmerican and shortsighted than the ideals this individual expressed and the Tahoe Daily Tribune platformed.

Good luck to all El Dorado residents in the coming months, unity, respect, and love is what we all need in these challenging times.

Christopher Coleman, South Lake Tahoe

Our day was almost ruined, but we learned a valuable lesson

Dear Editor:

This is to the woman at the coffee shop who nearly ruined our day.

We were quietly sitting out back, alone, minding our own business when we heard you. You very loudly exclaimed to everyone at the coffee shop, “Look at that family! They’re all on their devices. Every one of them has their own. Ridiculous.” 

I felt anger as I looked up and saw you staring at us. I felt embarrassed as everyone began looking out to see who you were talking about. And quickly those awful feelings nearly turned to tears as I saw my children look up at me with confusion wondering why someone would say those things about us. Did you really think this is what we all want to be doing? Trust me, that couldn’t be further from the truth. 

As I sat there feeling anger, embarrassment and sadness, I realized … there’s no way you possibly could have known that sitting here on our devices isn’t a choice, but rather, a requirement due current circumstances. How could you have known that schools are shut down and kids are doing their classwork online, that we don’t have the internet, and therefore, sometimes have to go to places like the back of the local coffee shop to get access for mandatory attendance check-ins.

You couldn’t have known that because of current circumstances I am forced to work remotely, and therefore, spend a decent amount of time online in order to make a living to support my family. 

I want you to know that the confused, 7-year old boy who you included in your rude, public announcement, just recently survived cancer. Even if schools were open, he still would not be able to attend due to very real health concerns. This is not a choice for us. It’s our reality. 

So, you nearly ruined our day today with your embarrassing and hurtful remarks, but I want to take a moment and let you know, I forgive you. You taught us all a very valuable lesson — Never make assumptions, nor make judgments about people or situations we know nothing about. 

Wherever you are, I am thinking of you. I am sending you all the love and good vibes there’s a chance you may need; and I am praying that next time you find yourself making an assumption about someone or some people whom you know nothing about, that you stop and take a generous moment to try and understand, we are all out here doing the very best we can. 

Shannon Robertson, South Lake Tahoe

Longtime organization has new name 

Dear Editor:

Since 1976, Choices for Children has been serving our community with support for children, families and childcare providers. We have a new name, Catalyst Community, that emphasizes our dynamic commitment to community and change.

We continue to offer the same valuable services: 

• Child care subsidy program

• Resource and referral services

• Child and adult care food program

• parent and provider education services 

• Healthy bottom line diaper distribution program

We look forward to many more years of community engagement.

New name, same great services and staff – Catalyst Community 1029 Takela Drive Suite 2 in South Lake Tahoe. We are open Monday through Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and 1-4 p.m. and can be reached at 530-541-5848.

Heather Della Ripa, Catalyst Community

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