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Letters: Plastic ban hurts businesses; Solving problems without complaining (Opinion)

Plastic water bottle ban only eliminates revenue for local businesses

To the Editor:

I’ve been reading about the city council’s process of banning plastic water bottles and it amazes me how myopic government officials can be. All that I have read so far boils down to, if this ordinance passes, is the banning of the sale of plastic water bottles of less than a gallon in the city of South Lake Tahoe. 

What exactly does that accomplish if we can buy them in the county or in Nevada? If I can drive to Round Hill or Meyers or Carson and buy them, as we all would do, how does that reduce the number of plastic bottles in the city? It seems that all this will actually accomplish, besides the getting of environmental merit badges for the proponents, is the elimination of a revenue stream for local businesses. What am I missing?

Gregory Davies, South Lake Tahoe

Solving problems rather than complaining

To the Editor:

My house backs the national forest in Montgomery Estates. I was very pleased to see GBI with CTL in conjunction with union SFS thinning the overgrowth behind our homes. The forest had become unmanageable and overgrown to the point of being considered a high fire risk. We too have “beloved” trails behind our homes intersecting with high meadows. These trails were also disturbed as a result of the heavy equipment that was used. I decided to get a shovel and a rake and spend a few hours restoring our “beloved” trails. Problem solved. I found it far more satisfying to be a part of the solution rather than complaining about the problem.

Philip Galdi, South Lake Tahoe

Good reasons to vote for Brooke Laine

To the Editor:

Yes, I’m voting for Brooke Laine for Supervisor – and for good reasons.

1) She knows the value of teamwork because of her long years of working on numerous boards and foundations.

2) She is known for her ability to follow through until a meaningful solution is reached.

3) She has done her homework and knows the workings of El Dorado County that she will be ready to go on day one.

4) She knows that being respectful of others is a key to building the trust necessary to get things done.

Please join me in voting for Brooke Laine to be our next El Dorado County Supervisor.

Bob Niedermeier, South Lake Tahoe

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