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Letters to the editor

Editor’s note: The Tahoe Daily Tribune’s deadline for letters about the primary election was Monday. Letters that were received ahead of the deadline appear here. Election letters will still be accepted, but will run only on tahoedailytribune.com.

Sue Novasel ‘the right stuff’ for supervisor

Smart, unusually well-informed about the local and regional issues which matter, passionately caring about our community in general and both our citizens and businesses in particular, Sue Novasel is a rare blend of seasoned, savvy and compassionate leadership. Her talent for working with and effectively leading all types of people have been developed and forged from her many years working as a business owner and over twenty-five (25!) years of exemplary community service leadership positions across an inspirationally-wide range of organizations. El Dorado County civil servants would be lucky to have a new Supervisor with Sue Novasel’s management judgment, political moxy, and interpersonal talents.

Robert P. Taylor

Multi-business owner

Give paid parking a chance

It seems that the argument against paid parking hinges on trust.

Is the City lying to us about the viability of parking meters? Even opponents acknowledge the metered parking program makes money… partially from fees and partially from fines of motorists who apparently can’t read. Enough said.

I live in Al Tahoe and this is how I see it.

The City built Lakeview Commons with grant monies — tax money from other places. That seems like a good deal…free money! Almost. The City is required to maintain this large facility and that takes money…ideally from those who use the facility. Sound fair? The City must also pay to maintain associated parking areas.

The City — represented by our neighbors whom we have elected and hired to make tough decisions for us — have concluded that parking fees are a relatively equitable and effective way to help pay for this maintenance.

Free parking is not an essential public entitlement, but an asset funded by our taxes. Parking — whether along a road, at a business, or at a public facility — is never “free” though the costs may appear invisible because we are accustomed passing those costs to others.

Lakeview Commons is a spectacular location and very popular, but if, as a visitor, parking for a small charge is not worth it to you, or you are unwilling to walk an extra block or two, then you must not value that opportunity. In that case, someone else can take your spot.

In addition, metered parking encourages walking, biking, and use of alternative transportation. Meters discourage monopolizing parking areas…giving someone else a chance to park and visit local businesses.

The money for the meters is already invested. What a waste if we didn’t give the City a fair chance to make the program more successful.

Scott Brown

South Lake Tahoe

Vote ‘no’ and keep parking meters

Having paid close attention to the debates over Measure P, I have yet to see any convincing evidence that would justify removal of the parking kiosks. Most of the arguments to get rid of the paid parking center around the myth that the kiosks don’t make money. They do, both through the parking fees themselves, and the limited number of citations issued to those who don’t follow the rules. The undisputed facts are readily available at http://www.cityofslt.us/measurep.

Unfortunately, it seems like many of the Measure P proponents are trying to use paid parking as a way to vilify our elected officials, City staff, and law enforcement personnel. It’s disappointing that they seem willing to go so far as to sacrifice a perfectly good City revenue source in order to discredit these hard-working public servants. Nothing I’ve read from the proponents indicates how their lives are worse off with paid parking while I have quite a few friends in the Al Tahoe neighborhood who are happy with the system.

From what I can see, paid parking has many benefits for our community. It supports recreation, encourages biking and walking, protects locals from paying for the costs generated by tourists, and allows the City to reserve its General Fund for other important city services; like Police and Fire, Parks, and Recreation, and other City services. Let’s keep the City moving forward in our efforts to create a vibrant, livable community. Make sure you take the time to vote June 3, and please Vote “No” on Measure P.

Gavin Feiger

South Lake Tahoe

Brown for El Dorado County Supervisor

I met Kevin Brown one day walking out of the Cantina about two months ago.

He greeted me outside suggesting I was the “ Mayor of Meyers” as he put it.

Baffled, and never before hearing such a proclamation – I asked him where he got that silly thought. He told me a Sheriff Officer friend of his told him that because my involvement in the Meyers Plan.

I wasn’t sure why Kevin would want to talk to me and it wasn’t until after I got in the car that I realized by his card he was a candidate for El Dorado County Supervisor.

I met Kevin a few weeks later at Ernie’s Coffee Shop for lunch to hear what he was about. We talked about Tahoe’s local politics and issues and it quickly became evident that this guy was actually intelligent and had done his homework.

He wants to unite our Tahoe communities together for efficient problem solving. Kevin wants to ensure our public safety agencies (Fire, Sheriff, and Police departments) are adequately staffed and have the right equipment to serve us.

He has already taken some action to assist the Meyers community regarding the new area plan. I’m sure Kevin will be right there fighting for what’s right for the city communities as well regarding the loop road and other issues.

Now then, admittedly I was skeptical that anyone living off the hill might not have “our” Tahoe resident’s best interests on his agenda. But after a second and third meeting with Kevin I realized his intentions were quite the contrary.

I made a point of listening very closely at the first Meyers Supervisor Candidate forum a few weeks ago. Kevin was clearly the most balanced with his answers to the questions and seemed well informed with Tahoe issues.

He is most likely to remain just removed enough (and not having political ties in Tahoe) to afford locals the most honest representation for a true benefit to our communities.

To this day – Kevin has never asked me for my vote !

My judge of character is he’s an intelligent guy that just wants to do the right thing and give back to local communities. He doesn’t come across as a self motivated political climber.

My intuition has always been pretty darn good – so I’m supporting him and hoping you will too.

Please vote for Kevin Brown for El Dorado County Supervisor June 3 !

John Adamski


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