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Letters to the editor

This is in regard to the Sept. 11 news article about South Lake Tahoe Police Officer Johnny Poland. I personally do not know Officer Poland. But my two kids do. They were both at school the day of the lock down/ BB gun issue. We had a family meeting later that day and discussed what had happened. They thought someone had lit a pack of firecrackers, which I guess sounds like gun fire. They both believe that Officer Poland did the right thing.

While I can’t say because I was not there, I do know that Officer Poland talked with the kid, and examined the broken BB gun, and made a judgement call. I am not saying it was the right call, but I am not saying it was the wrong call. It was a judgment call. That does not warrant being kicked off the force.

John Cobrae

South Lake Tahoe

I got a kayak this summer and I have enjoyed paddling back and forth across the south end of the lake. After Labor Day weekend I started noticing garbage floating in the water, and I started picking it up. Turns out it was the paper and plastic remnants from the Labor Day weekend fireworks. This focused my attention and I started picking up more and more garbage, both in the water and on the beach. I started thinking about where the garbage comes from and who is responsible for it. I came to the conclusion that the person responsible for the garbage is “the other guy.”

We all know who the other guy is. He’s the guy who goes to the beach with his dog off the leash and doesn’t clean up after it makes a mess. But it’s OK, because his dog is the greatest dog in the world and he’s never aggressive to strangers and never digs where he’s not supposed to; that’s the other guy and the other guy’s dog. The other guy is the one who is careless with his garbage after a day of partying on the beach or on a boat. He’s the one who leaves food wrappers and cigarette butts on the sand and beer cans in the water. But it’s OK because he didn’t do it on purpose and there wasn’t that much anyway. And it’s the other guy who thinks it’s a good idea to hit golf balls off the beach and into the water. (It’s also the other guy who builds the illegal bike trails.)

So who is the other guy? The fact is he’s each and every one of us. We are all “the other guy”. We have all done, or not done, something to contribute to the garbage around the lake. It is up to each of us to do our part to clean it up. As year round residents, it is our responsibility and duty to protect the mountains and lake we love so much. The next time you are out, if you would just pick up one single piece of garbage, just one, this tiniest of gestures by each of us could have the greatest impact on the health of the environment in the entire basin. Be selfish about it. That one piece of garbage you pick up is protecting the environment for you to use in the future. Do it for yourself.

Jonathan Moore

South Lake Tahoe

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