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Letters to the editor

I own a home in the Al Tahoe neighborhood. Since I have moved in, I have taken my dog to the beach accessible from the end of San Francisco Avenue every day. I always obeyed the signage that informed me to keep my dog on his leash due to the environmental sensitivity of the meadow.

When I reached the beach, I would take my dog off his leash and proceed to play fetch and allow my dog to swim and enjoy the water. Last week I was informed by a warden that dogs would not be allowed off their leash either on the beach or in the water. Although apparently the rules had changed, prohibiting dogs from being off-leash, there was no change in signage that conveyed the rule change. The warden informed me that although it was not posted, dogs could no longer be off their leash, and he was well within his rights to fine me $300. He then directed me to the dog beach at Regan Beach.

I informed him that the swimming area for the dog beach is far too small, and even tiny dogs cannot get to water much deeper than their ankles. Thus, with this new change in the law, my dog could no longer enjoy swimming in Lake Tahoe.

I agree that not every beach should be “dog friendly.” I do not believe that the beach off San Francisco Avenue fits the characteristics of a beach that should ban dogs. It does not support any commerce (restaurant, water sport rentals and tourist accommodation units) and is primarily utilized by locals.

I believe the decision on whether to allow dogs without leashes on San Francisco beach should be made by the people who inhabit the area in the vicinity of the beach and who frequent it most often.

Nick Exline

South Lake Tahoe

Congressman Joe Wilson and columnist Thomas Sowell. What do they have in common?

Not much to be proud of. Calling the president of the United States a liar over his attempts to bring universal health care to our country.

Sowell’s problem has been clear for quite a while. It’s really an obsession. Uncomfortable in his own skin, he takes every opportunity to show how white he is.

He has been allowed to play out his neuroses for far too long in the pages of the Tribune. Rarely has he made any sense, or any real contribution to our understanding of anything. He’s just making Thomas Sowell feel better, and we would do well to be out of it.

Imagine if that space had been taken up by the likes of Clarence Page, of the Chicago Tribune, a real class act who is comfortable as a member of an American minority, and who gives us new and valuable insights with every column that he writes.

William D. Bandes

Zephyr Cove

For more than two years, I have been concerned about the zebra/quagga mussel entering Lake Tahoe and causing massive devastation to the lake and spreading to other bodies of water. I attended the 13th Annual Lake Tahoe Forum last month and my concern has increased.

All the money in the world will not save Lake Tahoe unless we act right this minute. We must call for a moratorium on all boats entering Lake Tahoe; we must set up inspection stations at the main entry roads to Lake Tahoe; and we must train and use zebra/quagga- sniffing dogs now. I know all of the people involved in the forum care about Lake Tahoe as much as I do, but good intentions and faulty action plans result in failure, and failure means saying goodbye to the lake we all love.

Leo Schools

Zephyr Cove

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