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Letters to the editor

After reading your story on the immigration raid at a DUI checkpoint in Kings Beach, as an immigration attorney I’d like to point out a few things.  Some of the 12 members of our community are already gone (the rest will be shortly), and we do not even know what nationality they were or who they were.

Last year around this time, there was an immigration raid in Reno and one of our kids’ soccer coaches was taken and chose not to fight as he would have been detained in jail for a very lengthy period of time. This year, my son’s soccer with AYSO was delayed several weeks as there are not enough coaches for the older kids. How many volunteer soccer coaches were in this year’s raid? If I were CHP or any of the other multitudes of law enforcement agencies at the lake, I wouldn’t be seen cooperating with ICE. In fact, if I was the victim of a crime and I was illegal, local law enforcement officers would be the last place I’d want to go, as there is an appearance that they work with ICE and I could end up out of here on top of being the victim of a crime. 

Finally, a California ID or driver’s license is not proof of U.S. legal residence or citizenship, so those of you who look Latino (I’m going to take a wild guess here that no other ethnic group was arrested by ICE) might want to photo copy your U.S. passport, green card, or birth certificate to carry in the car. The rest of us should think about doing the same, as obviously we no longer have any rights while driving around the lake.

Susanna Bogue

South Lake Tahoe

I would like to recommend Mary Jane Sanchez for the Lake Tahoe Community College board of directors. Mary Jane has had extensive experience in education, unlike the present members of the board. She will bring fresh ideas, along with the enthusiasm to put her ideas into motion. It is time for some fresh infusion into the board.

Norman Smith, Ph.D.


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