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Letters to the editor for April 18-21, 2009

The following observations are the direct result of personal privacy intrusions by certain agencies and real concerns for the nature of the neighborhood.

Manicured lawns vs. “that pathetic patch of weeds”

No. 1. Beautiful! A vast expanse of well-cut, raked and blown grass has every pine cone and needle removed twice weekly by an army of cutting, blowing, weed-whacking men and machines with their vehicles.

No. 2. The Critter Garden, heretofore referred to as “that pathetic patch of weeds,” by a new BIGhome owner, conversely boasts an entire nature spectrum of residents and feeders. The population is condensed as the direct result of being driven from seven surrounding vacant lots in six years by developers building 2,400-square-foot houses next to 1,200-square-foot houses.

No. 3. For the past six years ” lot-by lot ” the nature of the neighborhood has been decimated. The residents insulted and assaulted by the sights and sounds of construction and utility crews and the resultant traffic. Extermination crews pumping poisons everywhere as the small homes are overrun by all the displaced critters.

Enough. Leave the critters in that pathetic patch of weeds alone.

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Robin Smith

South Lake Tahoe

In the Tribune’s April 8 edition, there was an article that not only caught my eye, but later on angered me. It was the one about “Governor Arnold” (as I call him) using (supposedly) his own money to purchase a 250-pound bronze statue of a grizzly bear, which he then has placed in front of the door to his state Capitol Building in Sacramento. Why am I angry about this?

Two reasons: One, it turns out that the sculptor who made the bronze grizzly bear statue isn’t even a California resident! And two, on the same day the article appeared in the paper, I learned that several people I know (who wish to remain nameless) who receive SSI Disability, Social Security, or both, received letters from Social Security informing them as of May 1 their payments would go down as much as $37 per month because of a decrease in their state benefits. That’s why!

Have you seen those television ads, the ones where Governor Arnold and his wife are seen touting the benefits of business relocating to California? So have I. And yet, this same governor has the audacity to purchase a bronze grizzly bear statue from an out-of-state sculptor? Sounds to me like Governor Arnold needs to practice what he preaches.

And as for balancing California’s budget by decreasing state SSI Disability and/or Social Security benefits, why not decease the monthly income of the state government’s highest paid employees instead?

Debra C. Harmon

South Lake Tahoe

A new season begins and the weather is going to get warmer bringing about several changes. The one I’d like to write about is not so popular: head lice or pediculosis. It is an important subject to address this time of year, if only to keep us from getting headaches later.

There is a false impression that head lice are linked to poor living conditions. Not so. They are most commonly found in individuals with good hygiene and grooming habits. It is important for parents to check the nape of your child often and remind them to not share hats, brushes, combs, etc., as head lice spread easily and quickly. This brings me to my next subject. If you were ever to find head lice on your child, common sense might tell you to go to a hair salon to take care of it. Not so. The California cosmetology and barber board have strict guidelines about the way salons are to not handle this situation, remembering head lice spread quickly and easily. Instead of going to a salon and risking a potentially embarrassing situation, here are a few things you can do:

1) Go to the Barton HealthCare Systems Web site to find a physician. Go to http://www.bartonhealth.org/physicians

2) Call the Barton Resource Center at (530) 543-5537

3) Call the Northern California Lice Control center at (510) 727-1280

4) Write to licecontrol@sbcglobal.net

Have a happy spring and summer.

Lora Boyd

South Lake Tahoe

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