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Letters to the editor for June 24, 2009

The recent firing of Matt Tillson as head coach of the South Tahoe High School baseball team is yet more evidence of the school district’s lack of support for the athletic programs at South Tahoe High School. The superintendent’s description of the event, by playing it down as “no big deal,” is further evidence of the position of this district.

To be blunt, we are the laughingstock of all of the schools in our league, and to suggest that the treatment of coaches, to be judged by administrators and parents each and every year is a normal process, is nonsense.

Matt Tillson, by all accounts, was a caring, considerate and passionate baseball coach, seeking to teach youngsters discipline, teamwork and achievement in the pursuit of a successful program. We have not seen that since Tom Orlich was driven from this district. How can you expect any program to succeed if you have a revolving door of coaches, who are fearful of their future and the uncertainty that this creates. Unless the school board and administrators provide the necessary resources and consistent support for the athletic programs, they cannot survive. It certainly isn’t the pittance that they are paid that drives them to coach, it is the desire to see the team succeed and the school to gain respect which in turn creates pride.

If you permit the parents to make the decision as to who should coach a team sport, you are creating a system that any athletic coach cannot tolerate.

I would like to suggest that school administrators follow the very same process they are proposing for athletic coaches, and that is they apply each and every year for the renewal of their contract, and let the community and parents make the final decision.

John N. Cefalu

South Lake Tahoe

I am getting concerned with the City Council’s power over what businesses are going to be here in the city. No puppy stores, so people will buy them off the hill. The song, “How much is that puppy in the window?” Not in South Lake Tahoe. Pretty sad. Whether you agree with having a puppy store or not, you have to agree that we are losing sales tax to Carson City, Reno and Sacramento.

As for the Do It Yourself Center, now when I need something that is not at Scotty’s, Meeks or Nels, I have to drive to Carson City. This is even more sales tax revenue or “leakage” that is occurring in our economy.

At what point does this power by the council become abuse of power? I believe that we are still in the United States and have certain freedoms. That is, of course, with the exception of bringing new businesses into South Lake Tahoe.

I am very disappointed with the direction that the City Council is going with the state of the economy. I have talked to others in the community who are feeling the same way.

Jason Kershell

South Lake Tahoe

I would like to take the time to inform the community that the mushrooms growing in their yards, lawns or under decks are making some of our pets sick. The wet, damp and moist weather has made perfect conditions for these mushrooms to grow.

My friend’s puppy ate one of those mushrooms and has now been to two veterinary hospitals, with vet bills amounting to $3,000. I don’t understand why this has not been brought to the community’s attention sooner. From what I understand, her puppy was not the first sick dog, but was the worst seen so far.

I’m also hoping that the veterinary hospitals locally keep a line of communication open to keep all of us informed. Our pets are our family, so please check the areas around your home and keep your animals safe while they are on your property. And keep them safe while off your property by abiding by the leash law. It’s in place for a reason – to keep your pets and the community safe.

Lorraine Anderson

South Lake Tahoe

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