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Letters to the editor March 11-12, 2009

I’ve seen an enormous amount of letters and comments about the sad state of the locals finances and their need to go off the hill to shop in order to survive up here. I’m one of them.

But we do have something that every local with computer access can take advantage of. It’s called Freecycle and can be found in Yahoo groups. It’s spreading everywhere, and not only helps the environment but is also a great way to get things you need for you, your children, or your home.

And it’s also a great way to get rid of things you don’t want or need anymore without having the hassle of a garage sale or a trip to the dump. You post things you need or want or things you want to unload and other members do the same.

Our group in Tahoe is awesome. I’ve gotten furniture, kids clothes and toys, even a TV set. All free. I’ve given away books, a bird, pet cages. You name it and somebody has it or needs it.

It’s a great way to help ourselves in a worsening economy and a terrific way to recycle and help the planet.

Just go to Yahoo groups and type in Freecycle and sign up. It’s good for everyone.

Kim Asplund

South Lake Tahoe

Please discontinue your Friday “Religion” section. The majority of articles you choose to print there have nothing to do with religion and are simply an embarrassingly blatant attempt to promote your left-wing, secular opinions. Your Feb. 13 edition had an article promoting gay marriage, one about guns in church and one about a child molester who happened to be a priest. You even chose to advertise two Web sites in the gay marriage article to further promote the cause.

I am certain there were no articles worth printing showing the value of faith and religion instead of these “religious” pieces. This is akin to filling the sports pages with stories about gay athletes, abusive coaches, drug cheaters, and sports gamblers with no reference to current sporting events. Have you ever published, or would you even consider publishing, an article in the environment section debunking the theories of global warming or evolution? Or one in the lifestyles section examining how destructive the gay and lesbian lifestyle is to the family unit? The answer is obvious. It is amazing to me that you even continue to print Thomas Sowell’s column.

Have you ever considered that your constant biased reporting may be the reason your circulation is down? Perhaps you should publish stories more in tune with your readership instead of consistently delivering articles to support your one-sided, far-left bias. I am sure this will never happen, so I suggest you just rename the Religion section to “Liberal Freethinkers Forum” and encourage your staff to publish as many anti-God articles as possible. At least you will then be accurately portraying the content of the section and not insulting your reader’s intelligence.

I will be interested to see if you will even print this letter.

Pat Fagen

South Lake Tahoe

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