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Letters to the editor March 18-19, 2009

How could Coach Allister do that to the girls who fought for her to stay on as their coach? She waits it out, gets the rehire, all the while saying how much she believes in these girls, and then turns around and resigns when the season starts.

It just doesn’t make sense to me. Surely that’s not showing any sort of good belief in this team. I understand that there was a lot of political B.S. going around during the fall and winter, but you obviously overcame all that to get the job, and now you’re just quitting. Letting the girls fend for themselves so to speak.

I wish the girls’ softball team the best of luck this year, for they have a lot to overcome with the bailout of their coach.

Kendra Terry

Former STHS varsity softball player

I have a niece who has two puppies from Broc’s Puppies and no problem. All puppies cost money for shots, vet visits, etc. People buy them because they are cute, without realizing the cost.

The city commission is on a witch hunt against these people, and it has nothing to do with the town. I see some of them breed dogs, and it is taking away their money. That’s the bottom line here.

If people do not understand something, they are against it. This town is falling apart because of thinking like this.

Robert S. Karkheck

South Lake Tahoe

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