Lizard eulogy broadcast nationally |

Lizard eulogy broadcast nationally

An audio version of a true tale about lost love and a South Lake Tahoe lizard owner was recently broadcast on the nationally syndicated radio program “Animal Radio.”

“Eulogy for a Lizard,” written by KOWL-AM / KRLT-FM Radio News Director David Alan, was a tale about Alan’s Savannah Monitor Lizard. Alan and his wife, Barbara, had grown quite fond of their pet that died in 2004.

“Animal Radio” producer and host Hal Abrams read the “Eulogy for a Lizard” story and asked Alan to prepare an audio version of the tale so he could broadcast it on a special “Animal Radio” broadcast. The show gives advice to listeners who call the show seeking answers to their pet problems.

Alan prepared a five-minute audio version of the story with the assistance of KRLT’s Justin Wright. Abrams included the story recently in a three-hour special “Animal Radio” broadcast from a pet show in Denver.

The “Animal Radio” show can be heard every Saturday from 12 to 1 p.m. on AM 1490 KOWL.