Candyland sweetens up MontBleu Saturday |

Candyland sweetens up MontBleu Saturday

Dylan Silver
Courtesy photo / Provided to Lake Tahoe Action

Along with the glitchy electronica of several other artists, the bass heavy trap and ‘OG remixes’ of Candyland will thunder through MontBleu’s Blu Nightclub Friday night.

Candyland, made up of Ethan Davis, 20, and Josie Martin, 21, is riding a wave of Internet adoration for its signature remixes. The plays on Southern California duo’s SoundCloud account have clicked into seven digits and they’re scheduled to play a handful of festivals in the U.S. and Canada.

Martin took a few minutes to explain to Lake Tahoe Action what their particular breed of the newest electronic dance music genre “Trap” is.

So, what is this “trap” anyway?

Trap originally is from the south. It’s more hip-hop based (electronic music). A lot of the newer EDM producers took it and made it something different. Some of the more traditional trap producers are guys like Lex Luger. That style got mixed with EDM by producers like Flosstradamus and us.

You guys have a bunch of remixes on your SoundCloud. What do you look for in a song that makes you want to remix it?

Usually something that’s catchy. Something that has vocals helps. When we do our “OG” remixes it kind of has to be a classic hit. We don’t want them to be typical trap remixes. We take something that everyone knows and try to do something different with it. It just has to be a song that everyone likes, I guess.

What kind of music outside of electronica do you listen to?

I know Ethan listens to a lot of acoustic stuff and pop. I listen to a lot of hardcore and metal and indie. I listen to everything. I love it all.

You guys are pretty new to touring. Have you had any wild moments?

My favorite show was Life In Color. That was our biggest crowd. It was a paint party. It was kind of weird to see everyone get covered in paint. But they loved it.

They gave me a hose to spray all over the crowd. I accidently messed up and I thought I turned it off when I put it down. It was still on and spraying all over everything. Everyone was freaking out, trying to get the hose. Ya, that happened.

What’s behind the name Candyland?

We were sitting in my room. My mom was there. We were just kind of yelling out names. Ethan said “Candyland.” My mom really liked it, so we decided to make her happy and go with that one.

What’s your favorite kind of candy?

We actually do love candy. It worked out. I love Jolly Ranchers — the blue ones. I’ll only eat the blue ones. I won’t eat any other flavors.

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