CASA Corner: Community counts for CASA |

CASA Corner: Community counts for CASA

“This is a community that really cares” is a phrase often heard in South Lake Tahoe. After 40 years of working to get my local status, I have such a visceral reaction to such comments each time I hear them. It is personal for me. The community of South Lake Tahoe is a member of my family.

There is another saying that rings true for mothers, “A mother is only as happy as her least happiest child.” When our community suffers, this mother suffers, too. When the Angora fire scarred our land and hurt our friends, we wept. When recession hit, we stumbled but fought back, passing a school bond, knowing our community needed this as much as the schools. We have come together time and time again for fundraisers for our family members that have cancer, have had life-altering accidents or that need a hand up during a crisis.

Weather is always a topic for this town. Good weather, sparkling and bright, a present with a beautiful bow, brings our out of town friends here to celebrate the party with us. Weary weather, like the smoky days we have been having, hides our sparkle under the haze.

Friday night was like that, as our annual CASA El Dorado, South Shore’s Best Sunset Band, event began. Smoke stung the eyes and, yes, we were feeling like the present we wanted to give to our visitors might not be bright enough to bring them out to see the five amazing bands, share the libations, and support our most fragile children.

Then came friends who never let weather determine their party attendance. On the beach were our flatlander visitors opening their wallets and hearts because they also love community, their own and ours. It was a wonderful gathering for all, appreciating what we have, giving a little extra for those that have less and the bands, well, they were the best party gift. Many thanks to Black Star Safari, our 2013 Best Sunset Band, Little Town, Deep Fryed Mojo, 4 Piece Puzzle and Cash Only Band, the 2013 People’s Choice winner. I am keeping your contact numbers for my next birthday party!

We all count, our volunteers, musicians, heavy lifters, sponsors, vendors and attendees. We are all community when we come together.

This mama is happy. Which reminds me of another saying, “When Mama’s happy, everybody’s happy.”

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