Comedy scene: Tracey MacDonald surviving cancer, covid and no comedy |

Comedy scene: Tracey MacDonald surviving cancer, covid and no comedy

Howie Nave (right) with Tracey MacDonald.

The last time Nova Scotia’s Tracey MacDonald was here at Lake Tahoe she was willing to trade her Canadian healthcare if she could find a guy to marry her from the United States to gain citizenship.

That was on my radio show in the morning and that night she had quite a number of suitors ready to take her up on her offer. Yes, it was a quasi-gimmick but when I talked to her the other day she was still looking for the right guy to marry. I had to ask if she had any leads and has the pandemic put a damper on her continuing search?

“Yes, I’m still looking for guys. I’m single, I have dual citizenship, so as long as you don’t have covid and wear a mask I will still do it with the right guy. You’re allowed to have sex but you gotta wear a mask.”

I told her it sounded like her life was the same since she last performed up here in Lake Tahoe a few years ago.

“My life is exactly the same Howie but I wear a mask and now I don’t have to wax my mustache. I did have a boyfriend but he filed a restraining order against me so it didn’t work out too well.

The restraining order says I have to stay at least 106 feet away from him so now it’s all video dating but the advantage of this virus is if you don’t look like your picture you can always wear a mask ‘cause all my pictures are photoshopped. I have really nice eyes so it’s perfect.”

When I reminded her that the last time I saw her she had broken up with a guy who was a comic she was reminded of how unpleasant that experience was.

“Yeah, that was a bad idea dating a comedian. I would rather get the virus then date him again. I’d rather get covid than date another comic.”

Tracey started out in Canada and soon after was conquering the American comedy scene after beating every contestant on the remake of CBS’s Star Search with 15 million votes in her favor. She was the first comedian to not only win the finals, but she beat out the winners from previous seasons.Soon after that, Tracey was awarded a two year development deal with CBS and the grand prize of $200,000. She’s appeared on Comedy Central, The CBS Early Show, E! Network, Logo TV, Comics Unleashed and the prestigious Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal. You can hear her three albums on XM Satellite Radio, Pandora and Spotify.

She’s also on Instagram (traceymacdonald), Twitter (tracemacdonald) and Facebook.She’s based in Malibu and before their doors were shut was performing at the Comedy and Magic Club, The Ice House and the Hollywood Improv.

Her set consists of brilliant one liners and stories — all with a razor sharp delivery. She’s all over YouTube and has some great material reflecting the times we live in.

“Covid has really changed people, Howie. You have to be used to being inside. It’s like every comedian in the world when they don’t have gigs. Or in Canada in the winter. We don’t go out. Your tears will freeze,” she said.

She’s doing comedy shows. In fact, Tracey appeared on fellow Canadian Jeremy Hotz’s “Jeremy Hotz Live” on Facebook (that gets thousands of viewers) playing a stalker on his popular Sunday night show.

“Howie, I did a Zoom show making $200 in tips. I did 5 minutes of jokes and got $200.” There’s no time table as to when we can start doing shows again. When I reminded Tracey that Hotz was considering moving back to his native Canada and had she been back since the pandemic?

“I haven’t been to Nova Scotia in awhile. My very last show was in Toronto, Canada at Absolute Comedy and I did mention covid in my act because it was just before they shut down the borders. I was doing a three week tour. They’re doing some shows in Canada but it’s at half capacity.”

I asked if she’d heard of anyone doing shows anywhere in California and she said, “I just had two friends do a show in San Diego but they were outside on the sidewalk. They were like on the sidewalk with random crowds.”

When Tracey asked how I was doing up here I told her all things considered not too bad. Even though we don’t have any comedy happening I still have the radio show (for now) so counting my blessings. I did tell her that I had in fact bought a 12-gauge shotgun.

Tracey did say that during these pandemic times there are three types of guys that are out there, “They say for men, and I don’t know about you Howie, that you’re either going to become a drunk, chunk or a hunk. So, which one are you? Wait, let me guess. You’re a chunk with a gun, right?” One thing Tracey can be happy about and celebrate during these months of corona is her bout with breast cancer and how she’s doing.

“Yes, I did have cancer and everybody was telling me, ‘I hope you beat it’ and like isn’t that something you say to a misbehaved child? But, I did beat it Howie, my breasts are fine after removing some of it. I wrote a new comedy album, called ‘These T*ts Have Always Been Trouble’ and yeah, there’s a couple of cancer jokes in the act and it’s really funny.It changed my life, it made me stronger, funnier and it finally gave me some new material.”

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