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El Dorado County supervisors served notices of intention to recall (updated)

Jack Barnwell
El Dorado County District 5 supervisor Sue Novasel participates in an Oct. 15 citizen outreach workshop at Lake Tahoe Airport. Novasel and fellow supervisor Michael Ranalli were served with notices of intent to recall by El Dorado County Total Recall at the Tuesday, Oct. 27 meeting. The group aims to recall the entire board.
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Community members in El Dorado County Supervisor Sue Novasel’s district who signed the intent to circulate a recall petition include: JoAnn Conner (South Lake Tahoe councilwoman), Ken Curtzwiler (a candidate who ran against Novasel in 2014 supervisor election), Jennifer Quashnick, Moya Sanders, Diane Verwoest, Judy Clot, Andrea Marion, Dave Marion, Susan Abrams, Pam Curtzwiler, Marshall Curtzwiler, Monica Givens-Day, Vincent Tanzi, Constance Hinton, John Adamski, Francesca Dionne Duchamp, Wayne McBride, Luke Adams, Julie Ann Cavanaugh, John Oney, Mary Oney, Ermel Herrmann, Matthew Adams, and Tyler Baldwin.

PLACERVILLE, Calif. — El Dorado County supervisors Sue Novasel and Michael Ranalli were served notices of intention to circulate recall petitions on Tuesday, Oct. 27, at a regular board meeting. The notices came from a local group — El Dorado County Total Recall.

Kevin McAllister, an El Dorado County resident who is affiliated with the State of Jefferson movement, served the notices. Each petition requires at least 20 signatures from residents of a district.

Petitioners cite “lack of representation, lack of fiscal responsibility, abuse of power, and cronyism among other allegations” as reasons for a recall, according to a news release.

The group stated that its intent is to recall all five supervisors. That additionally includes Ron Mikulaco, Shiva Frentzen and Brian K. Veerkamp, who all face re-election next year.

Both Novasel’s and Ranalli’s terms end in 2018.

Dan Kelly, with El Dorado County Total Recall, said many people felt that all five supervisors aren’t doing their jobs.

“I guess it’s a philosophical question of waiting until the next election or taking action now,” Kelly said. “Ultimately the voters will decide whether or not to recall.

“There is nothing personal against any of the supervisors, but we just feel that a better job could be done.”

The actual language of the notice, posted on the group’s website, reads, “Whereas the voters of El Dorado County are a people of fairness, but when money or influences take precedence over the wishes of its citizens, we the people have a right to remove any or all of the elected officials. We the voters are seeking relief from the tyranny of our elected officials. They have failed to effectively and efficiently operate county government.”

Novasel, supervisor for El Dorado County District Five, said the notice was expected.

“We had heard rumors that this would happen, so this wasn’t a surprise,” Novasel said Tuesday.

While there are no direct links, Novasel intimated that it might be in part due to the State of Jefferson movement. The campaign calls for numerous California counties to secede and form a 51st state.

She said the Board of Supervisors listened to a presentation asking the county to support a ballot initiative.

“It wasn’t that we denied them; it was just we didn’t have anyone on the board that wanted to do that,” Novasel said.

She added that while she aims to consider all sides of issues, there are often items that are incompatible with the county’s best interest.

“Our responsibility to our people is critical,” Novasel said. “That’s what I was elected on, and I’ve worked very hard to make sure we are doing the best we can for our people.”

The process

Both Novasel and Ranalli have seven days from being notified to file a formal response with the El Dorado County Elections Office. Those comments go on the official petition.

Proponents have 10 days to file remaining documents and work with the elections department to craft a well-balanced petition. They then have 120 days to collect signatures for a valid election.

According to Linda Webster, El Dorado County’s assistant registrar of voters, the signatures are based on the last official voter registration census. For Novasel’s district, that means roughly 3,545 valid signatures between Pollock Pines and South Lake Tahoe; Ranalli’s district requires at least 4,597 signatures.

If approved, the elections must be held between 88 to 125 days after approval.

Webster said the cost to hold a recall election will come from the county general fund, though she couldn’t provide a specific amount.

If the recall is held on the next primary election, on June 7, 2016, the process could be less expensive.

Webster said El Dorado County recalls are rare.

“It isn’t too often that recalls moved forward in the past,” Webster said. “One happened a few years back, but it never went to the voters because it lacked the signatures.”

For more information on the recall effort, visit http://www.edcTotalRecall.com.

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