Douglas County elected officials take oath |

Douglas County elected officials take oath

Kurt Hildebrand
Newly elected Sheriff Dan Coverley takes the oath of office on Monday at the Douglas County Courthouse.
Kurt Hildebrand

Officers sworn in on monday

County Officers

Assessor- Trent Tholen

Clerk-Treasurer- Kathy Lewis

Commissioner D2- John Engels

Commissioner D4- Wesley Rice

Public Administrator- Stephen Walsh

Recorder- Karen Ellison

Sheriff- Daniel Coverley

East Fork Constable- Paul Gilbert

School District

Ross Chichester

Carey Kangas

Robbe Lehmann

Thomas Moore

Town Boards


Mike Henningsen

Ken Miller

Linda L. Slater


Linda Birdwell

Brian E. Crowe

Gordon Pasley


Matt Bernard

Bill Driscoll

Roxanne Stangle

Fire Districts

East Fork

Bernard W. Curtis

Barbara J. Griffin

Tahoe Douglas

William A. Kirschner


East Fork Swimming Pool District

Frank Dressel

Travis K. Lee

Gardnerville Ranchos

John Sheridan

Indian Hills

Kathryn Clark-Ross

William H. Eisele

Robert M. Garcia

Sierra Estates

Norma H. Davis

Steven D. Davis

Topaz Ranch Estates

Wendy Francis

GARDNERVILLE, Nev. — Emphasizing that the people who were taking the oath of office on Monday were public servants, District Judge Tod Young swore in three waves of elected and appointed officials.

“The people who are being sworn in today, not one of them is here as a profiteer,” he said. “Not one of them ran because this job pays so well. Not one of them said ‘I’d like to get some phone calls at dinner time telling me ‘there’s a hole in the road outside of my house.’”

Young reminded the audience how fortunate they were to be Americans.

“We the people are the ones who decide how much power the government has,” he said. “It is a beautiful thing to watch every couple of years. We have the opportunity to turn over our officials. Part of the beauty we know it’s coming back up and we can always say our peace again.”

Clerk-Treasurer Kathy Lewis, who was herself sworn in for another term, recognized the longest-serving elected official in the county.

East Fork Constable Paul Gilbert took the oath for his 10th term in office on Monday.

“He will have 40 years in office when he’s done with this term,” she said.

Also sworn in on Monday were newly elected Sheriff Dan Coverley, Assessor Trent Tholen and county commissioners John Engels and Wes Rice.

About 30 representatives of various boards at levels ranging from county commissioner to Topaz Ranch Estates participated in the event, which had officials and their families waiting in the halls for their turn.

Douglas County is home to more than 20 elected improvement districts and boards.

Elected officials, who did not attend Monday’s swearing-in ceremony, may be sworn in at their first board meeting of the year.

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