‘Impeachment-itis’ has found its way to South Lake Tahoe (Opinion)

Todd McIntyre / Guest column

It appears as if the “impeachment-itis” we see in Washington, DC has scaled the mountains into South Lake Tahoe.

I believe I attended every round table discussion, forum and debate during the 2018 city council campaign season. During those meetings, I repeatedly heard from then city council members, past city council members and others that the city didn’t have any money, couldn’t afford to hire police or firefighters and needed to raise taxes — from toll booths built on all summit passes.

The previous council accomplished nothing except to complain, argue and bicker among each other. Many of them even filed legal action against other council members. It was nothing but embarrassing chaos.

The residents of South Lake Tahoe voted for a change in leadership and it was a powerful vote. We elected three new council members and Devin Middlebrook broke the record for the most votes received for a council seat.

Shortly into their roles, it became known that previous councils ignored the need for a finance committee. Tamara Wallace took the initiative to bring back this much needed oversight to the council and the community. What was the result?

In an incredibly short period of time, we have seen many city roads redesigned and repaved; we have new police officers protecting us; we have new firefighters ready to serve; we have a new fire truck and we now have a city manager on board eager to serve the community for many decades. It is nothing short of astounding what this current council has accomplished and all of them should be commended.

Instead, a few people are upset about a recent vote the council made. Well, when do we all agree on something at the same time? Rarely in human history and especially in the United States of America has the citizenry fully agreed on anything.

In a republic, you don’t always get what you want because majority rules. It might not be a perfect system, but it certainly is the best system ever created.

We have five council members, all with different backgrounds, different experiences, different objectives and different beliefs. In a community known for snow, these five council members are certainly unique unto themselves. Yet, despite their differences, it just might be the most productive council in the history of South Lake Tahoe.

Recently, a few upset people who didn’t get what they wanted are now in the process of recalling two very effective and efficient council members – Middlebrook and Wallace.

Well, those who throw rocks should not live in glass houses. Those who lead the initiative to recall Devin Middlebrook and Tamara Wallace should also step up and run for their seats. If you are going to demand a recall, then run for office yourself.

During your own campaign, be prepared for the most thorough rectal exam of your life. It’s not a pleasant experience either campaigning for public office or voting on difficult issues.

However, just because you don’t like the voting outcome on one particular issue doesn’t entitle you to destroy the best council the community may have ever experienced. If the efforts of a few continue towards a recall, those of you leading the initiative must also run for office.

Just be aware that both Middlebook and Wallace will be supported by additional voters.

Both have done a remarkable job in their roles and deserve to represent the community in good times and in bad times, during popular votes and unpopular votes.

I will fully support them well into the future and actively campaign for both of them.

If the “recall” issue is about the location of a cell phone tower, I have the perfect location in mind but it will require the cooperation and approval of the US Forest Service.

Todd McIntyre is a South Lake Tahoe resident.

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