South Lake Tahoe executes agreement with SnowGlobe to repair playfields |

South Lake Tahoe executes agreement with SnowGlobe to repair playfields

SnowGlobe paid the city $250,000 to repair the community playfields.
Claire Cudahy / Tahoe Daily Tribune |

South Lake Tahoe City Council executed a settlement agreement at Tuesday’s meeting to repair the community playfields damaged during SnowGlobe Music Festival this year.

As part of the agreement, which the city and festival organizers entered into in November 2017, SnowGlobe pays the city $250,000 cash. In exchange the city will assess damage to the playfields and return any money not used in the repairs, according to city documents.

Additionally, the city agreed not to hold SnowGlobe liable following execution of the agreement.

The details of the executed agreement, which was approved with the regular consent agenda, were not discussed at the Feb. 6 meeting.

The city pegged the initial cost for soil preparation and turf installation when the fields were constructed at approximately $270,000.

Approximately 20 to 30 percent of the turf was damaged by the annual three-day festival due to a lack of snow — another point of contention for some residents who complain of noise, trash, crowds and drug-use associated with the festival.

While the damage to the new fields was a point of outrage for some, the city pointed to the fact that the agreement with SnowGlobe was conditioned on SnowGlobe repairing any damage to the field.

This year the festival also donated $50,000 to the Community Play Consortium, a joint effort between Lake Tahoe Community College and the city to improve, maintain and administer recreational facilities for the community.