Publisher’s column: Looking ahead to 2017 at the Tahoe Daily Tribune |

Publisher’s column: Looking ahead to 2017 at the Tahoe Daily Tribune

In a little more than two weeks we will be staring down the barrel of 2017. I have no idea what happened to 2016, but I can picture blinking a few times in January of this year and now, all of the sudden, here we are sprinting toward the end.

While there are many things to look back on from 2016, I want us to look ahead to 2017. If I were to use a pop culture reference of a horrible 1987 Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, “The Running Man,” which was set in the year 2017, we’re supposed to be watching a TV game show of convicted criminals darting around trying to escape death from professional killers. Thankfully, that is not the 2017 we will be living in — at least I hope not.

However, the movie did get some things right — the explosion of reality TV and the inescapable televised violence that we see every day. While neither of these are things that I want to experience day in and day out, the underlying theme I do want to see is getting it right.

As the publisher of the Tribune, I would love for us to get everything right all the time . The reality is that we probably won’t. But what I can promise you is that we will do our best to try. We are tweaking things a bit for 2017, and I hope you will find these changes to be fresh and interesting. Here are a couple of examples:

Ryan Hoffman, our new managing editor, recently noted the formation of an editorial board for the Tribune. This is something that had been done years ago, and we are uncertain as to why it was discontinued. Nevertheless, the reason for assembling the eight members of this board is to ensure we have buy-in from members of the community who represent areas that we feel are important. We want them to keep us on track and ensure we are covering the most important topics and using as many resources as possible. Look for more information about this in the coming weeks.

Staying on the topic of content, you will see and hear more voices from people who shape our community. We feel it is important to add new points of view from folks who will provide information and insight that is both interesting and valuable. This approach will also expand our coverage into other areas such as business, food and drink, health, education and many more. If there’s a particular subject that you want to see and hear more of, don’t be afraid to drop us a line. After all, a community that is more informed and engaged with what’s important to them is one that is better prepared for whatever may arise in 2017.

In the coming year we will experiment more on the multiple platforms that we currently serve. In today’s media you need to be able to engage with people in the space that they want to engage with you. Our audience in print is different from our audience on social media, and our audience that engages with us on our website is different from those others. The audience that uses their mobile devices to access us is different than the audience that uses their desktops. Because of this, we have to be creative in making sure what we are producing is valuable.

Sure, there’s overlapping of audiences in the various platforms, but the bottom line is we need to engage with these people differently because they expect a different experience, and that’s OK. If you want the physical paper in your hands to read in the morning or evening we’ll still be there. Or, if you prefer to hit the Tribune website first thing Monday morning when you get into work (we won’t tell the boss), we’ll be there, too. We want to give you a better experience. And in today’s demanding media world, it’s all about the experience.

My goal for the Tribune is to deliver that quality experience to you on all levels. Will it be easy? No, but what is in today’s world? Will it be challenging? Man, I hope so — that’s the fun part. Will it be rewarding? That’s up to you. We will for damn certain try to make it rewarding.

One thing is for certain: We’re all super excited to get 2017 underway. We hope you are too.

Publisher Rob Galloway can be reached at or 530-542-8046.

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