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Looking at Tribue 30 years ago

Editor’s note: Thirty years ago today, the Tahoe Daily Tribune published The Associated Press story on Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin’s lvoyage to the moon. Other news stories of the day included Sen. Ted Kennedy being charged for leaving the scene of an accident in which a young woman died in Chappaaquiddick, Mass.; the Rev. A.D. Williams King, who was the brother of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., was found dead in an Atlanta swimming pool; the South Tahoe Public Utility District was given county approval to retain its holding pond at Black Bart Avenue and Pioneer Trail, despite neighbors’ complaints about its odor; eleven people from a “hippie party” were arrested at El Dorado Beach; and in sports Detroit’s Denny McLain and Steve Carlton of St. Louis were named the starting pitchers for baseball’s all-star game.

The following is a front page report from the The Tribune Observer:

Here are a few random thoughts after a marathon session of watching “an epic space voyage” which saw man take his first stroll on the moon:

n The polished, professional manner in which man and machine functioned robbed this moon shot of some of its excitement.

n The sense of drama heightened where the lunar capsule neared touchdown and the report was flashed back that man had to take over and bring it to a safe landing. This was the first indication something could have gone wrong.

n The temporary confusion in attempting to locate the lunar craft after its landing some few miles from the programmed touchdown. A note of annoyance was detected in the commentator’s voice when he questioned scientists in Flagstaff, Ariz., about maps and coordinates.

n The flat, technical and emotionless reporting of the two astronauts prior to their walk was contrasted by their antics once they started to cavort on the moon’s surface.

n The moon’s landscape was so thoroughly analyzed it was much like watching a rehearsal on some remote desert site. Only with the planting of the flag and discovery of colored rocks did the emotional impact, this accomplishment return.

Today we’ll see the next to the last phase of this moon journey – that of leaving the surface, rejoining the circling re-entry vehicle – and the start of the trip back to Earth.

One can’t help but feel all will go well with these efforts, due to the proficiency displayed so far.

Then, with Thursday’s splashdown, man’s first link with another planet will have been completed and a new era begins.

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