Lotto jackpot second largest |

Lotto jackpot second largest

William Ferchland, Tahoe Daily Tribune

Ron Taylor knows what he would do with the money.

The 60-year-old Clements, Calif., man would take care of his four children and four grandchildren, pay off his property and enjoy the rest of his life with his wife.

The California SuperLotto Plus jackpot reached $125 million Tuesday evening, making it the second largest in the top 10 California Lottery jackpots.

Last June the $141 million jackpot was the largest in California Lottery history.

Taylor said he would probably die of shock if he won the money.

“I’d die of shock and my wife would be a very rich widow,” he said amid chuckles.

Three students at Lake Tahoe Community College pondered what they would do with the money. John Libhart, 23; Kari Woodman, 20; and Joe Irvin, 19; each smiled when they answered.

n What would you do with the money?

JL: Buy my grandmother a house so she wouldn’t work anymore. Give her all the money she needed. I’d open up a restaurant and travel.

KW: I’d probably put it away for education. I’d buy a car.

JI: First thing I would do is buy my family anything they wanted. Then I would get my own personal stockbroker and have him invest it very nicely.

n Who would you call first?

JL: My dad just because me and him always talked about it. And my buddy Mike because he inherited a lot of money. We decided we’d go to England and buy $5,000 suits.

KW: My parents. My friends are always with me so they would know first.

JI: I would call my friend. I would tell him to stop doing what he’s doing because he’s got a room for free.

n Who do you think would come out of the woodwork and ask for money?

JL: Family members I haven’t seen in years. Ex-girlfriends.

KW: My friends from high school. They would say they knew me and they’d want to know me now.

JI: My friend Mike Yuasa. He would want to better his business and try to expand on my money.

n What would you do if you found out you won?

JL: That’s hard to say. I haven’t had that experience before. Jump up and down and shoot a hole in the ceiling.

KW: I’d probably be really shocked and go to Fiji.

JI: Drop out of school, drive to Reno, fly and see my parents in Seattle. Just for this quarter I’d have to stop. I could probably pay the dean of Harvard and get in.

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