Macosko back behind bars |

Macosko back behind bars

Gregory Crofton

A planned walk in a meadow turned into another trip to jail for Matt Macosko.

Police and SLEDNET, South Shore’s multiagency drug task force, cornered Macosko’s red Acura Tuesday at 10:15 a.m. He had parked at a dead end road off Sierra Boulevard so he could take a walk in the woods with his girlfriend.

Officers picked him up on a warrant that alleges use of a minor under the age of 14 to transport marijuana, as well as furnishing marijuana to a minor. This is the second time Macosko, who says he is a medicinal marijuana provider, has been arrested on drug charges this year.

In April, Macosko was taken into custody and charged with transportation and sales of marijuana. He was busted after he picked up a package of marijuana that had been returned to the Al Tahoe post office after someone failed to pick it up from a post office in Kentucky.

On Tuesday, SLEDNET Task Force Cmdr. Chris Elliott told Macosko why he was being arrested as he was being handcuffed. “Furnishing to which minor?” Macosko shot back.

Barefoot and bewildered, Macosko asked Elliott: “What is your movement? What is your crusade? What is it?”

Elliott replied: “We work for the state of California.”

Hans Uthe, El Dorado County assistant district attorney, said the warrant for Macosko’s arrest concerns events that took place about two months ago.

“Our understanding that he was selling and providing to one minor and using another minor to deliver marijuana and also trying to entice that person to use marijuana,” Uthe said. “We’ve talked to witnesses who corroborated that this occurred.”

During the arrest, they also found a large amount of cash in Macosko’s pocket, as well as a scale and almost a quarter-pound of marijuana in the Acura.

“When I was arrested I had $1,800 in cash, again it was donations from people I am trying to help put together grow rooms,” he said by phone from El Dorado County jail.

Macosko, 28, said he had the marijuana and money with him for safe keeping. “I don’t leave my herb anywhere or leave the money because it gets stolen,” he said.

He also denied the charges in the warrant.

“I don’t provide people with medication who don’t have a prescription. I willingly admit that I’ve shared medicine with a 15-year-old, but he has a prescription,” Macosko said. “They’ve been trying to bust me. I’m not some guy in the street selling herbs to kids, it’s not right, I don’t do that and that’s what I’m being charged with, and that’s not right.”

Because of the marijuana found in Macosko’s car on Tuesday, he was also booked for transporting marijuana, and possession of marijuana for sale. His bail was set at $140,000, with arraignment expected this week.

Macosko is also due in court Oct. 26 for a hearing on his April case, which was expected to go to trial as early as November.

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