Maids at peace with resort |

Maids at peace with resort

A pleasant working environment has been restored for employees at Tahoe Beach and Ski Resort.

On June 27, the resort’s housekeeping staff threatened to walk out if working conditions were not improved.

As of March, housekeepers who normally worked 80 hours per two weeks and were required to clean seven rooms each day, were expected to clean 12 rooms per day and keep their biweekly hours down to 60. In addition, housekeepers were no longer permitted to clean rooms in teams.

These grievances and claims of emotional abuse were addressed in a meeting with resort management, where employees agreed to postpone any formal complaints or action until July 17.

Frankie Mayfield served at the first meeting as a translator for the predominately Spanish-speaking staff.

“They had the follow-up meeting yesterday,” Mayfield said. “Basically, the employees feel that management has done an excellent job in trying to address their grievances. They have cut back the number of rooms they have to clean to the original number and they are allowing them to work in teams again.”

Mayfield said allowing the staff to clean rooms in pairs ensures work is evenly distributed and staff members maintain the same number of hours. When working individually, some housekeepers clean rooms after guests checked out, while others freshened up rooms for guests staying the night.

“If you have stay-overs and another maid has check-outs, she’s doing a lot more work,” Mayfield said. “Allowing them to work in teams means once the stay-overs are finished, you go help another maid with the check-outs. That way, everyone is doing an equal share and getting the same number of hours.”

In June, employees claimed supervisors Linda Blades, Patricia Cabrera and Cristina Cabrera were major contributors to the intolerable working environment and increased work distress.

Since Monday’s meeting, feelings have changed.

“It was also expressed by the employees involved that Linda Blades’ attitude has done a complete turn-around,” Mayfield said. “She’s bending over backwards to be helpful and is actually getting involved and helping clean the rooms at times, which was unheard of before. So the staff feels, in general, that the management at Beach and Ski has done a great job in turning around the situation.”

Upper management was aware of the complaints back in June, according to Mayfield, but did not realize the depth of the grievances.

“Once upper management realized there was a problem, they addressed it,” Mayfield said. “Having been made aware of the situation, obviously they’ve taken some very positive steps toward fixing the problems.”

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