Man gets zapped during the revelry |

Man gets zapped during the revelry

A 20-year-old South Lake Tahoe man was hit twice with a tazer as five law enforcement officers tried to place him in custody after he allegedly caused a fight at Horizon Casino Resort, a Douglas County sheriff’s deputy said.

Two deputies were assisting security with a crowd at the sports lounge when they reportedly spotted Alex Martinez in a fight with several security officer between the double doors of the south canopy entrance, the deputy said.

The two deputies went to help three security officers with Martinez. A crowd formed and authorities told Martinez to comply with the arrest or be hit with a tazer, the deputy said.

After two hits with a tazer to the ribcage, deputies were able to get control of Martinez’s arms.

Without the use of his appendages, Martinez allegedly bit a deputy twice in the inside left thigh area, authorities said. The bite was reportedly hard enough to cause bruising through the deputy’s snowsuit and thermals.

On the second bite, Martinez didn’t let go and was subsequently struck twice in the ribcage before he was placed in handcuffs, the deputy said.

Security officers said they threw Martinez out of the casino after he failed to provide proper identification New Year’s Eve. Martinez later returned and became combative after he was asked to leave again, the deputy said.

He was arrested on charges of disorderly conduct, battery on an officer and resisting arrest.

In other news:

n An 18-year-old Davis man was cited and released at Sierra-at-Tahoe Snowsport Resort on Wednesday after he was found trying to buy an $11 juvenile lift ticket by saying he was 12 years old, an El Dorado County sheriff’s deputy said.

n A 48-year-old Boulder Creek, Calif., woman reported her snowboard stolen at Sierra-at-Tahoe, an El Dorado County sheriff’s deputy said.

The woman left her $545 black Santa Cruz snowboard at a rack in front of the main lodge Tuesday where she went for an hour lunch before returning at 2 p.m., the deputy said.

The board was gone. Her friend saw a similar board being placed in the back of a light blue Toyota truck and recorded the license plate number, the deputy said.

Authorities checked the number and found the car was registered to a California Correctional Officer.

n A Harrah’s Lake Tahoe security supervisor spotted a 20-year-old South Lake Tahoe man taking a large neon beer sign from the wall in the Backstage Bar at 3:25 a.m. Wednesday, a Douglas County sheriff’s deputy said.

The security supervisor told the man to stop as the sign thief was walking down the hallway toward an exit, the deputy said. The man turned around, swung the sign at the security supervisor, hitting his right hand and injuring it, the deputy said.

The man was taken into custody for theft and battery.

n While on foot patrol in the casino corridor, a Douglas County sheriff’s deputy reportedly saw a 22-year-old man from Oakland throwing snowballs at passing cars and pedestrians on Monday night.

The man became confrontational and belligerent to the deputy when contacted and placed into custody for disorderly conduct. On the way to Douglas County Jail, the man reportedly told the deputy it was his fourth time being arrested on disorderly conduct charges.

n A 26-year-old woman reported she had been given an unknown drug in a drink by an unknown person while at Club Altitude inside Harrah’s Lake Tahoe, a Douglas County sheriff’s deputy said.

When deputies arrived at the scene, the woman was being cared for by paramedics from Tahoe-Douglas Fire Protection District. She was found lying on the floor in front of the woman’s bathroom near the club’s entrance on Dec. 28, the deputy said.

She was too intoxicated to speak to deputies and received care at Barton Memorial Hospital. A doctor said the hospital didn’t have the capabilities to test for date rape drugs and the blood sample would be sent to an outside lab.

n A 21-year-old San Francisco woman reported her Gucci black purse stolen while she was inside Club Altitude on Tuesday at 2:30 a.m., a Douglas County sheriff’s deputy said.

The purse was sitting on a couch near the entrance, the deputy said. The total loss, including the price of the purse, was close to $1,000.

n About $500 in room damage occurred when a fight broke out inside a room on the fourth floor of Horizon Casino Resort around 1:50 a.m. on Wednesday, a Douglas County deputy said.

n A Monday night fight around Harveys Resort and Casino valet over a traffic incident resulted in the arrest of two males for disorderly conduct, a Douglas County sheriff’s deputy said.

n n A 31-year-old Harrah’s Lake Tahoe employee was taken into custody for embezzlement after he allegedly filled out a fake receipt for $1,500 to fill a slot machine, a Douglas County sheriff’s deputy said.

The man, who reportedly admitted to the crime, received money from the cashier to refill slot machines when patrons hit big jackpots. Casino officials said he completed a slip on Dec. 26 but according to a slot machine transaction report, the slot machine wasn’t filled, the deputy said.

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