Marcinko, new co-writer back with a ‘Vengeance’ |

Marcinko, new co-writer back with a ‘Vengeance’

Mark Dulyanai

“Vengeance” by Richard Marcinko

In the post-9/11 world the military/action thriller has definitely taken a new focus on domestic terrorism. A veteran of both the fictional and real war on terror, Richard Marcinko has thrown his hat back into the fray with a new novel and a new co-writer.

Marcinko had a longtime writing relationship with co-author John Weisman, which ended with the novel that immediately preceded this one. The previous novel, “Violence of Action” was definitely one of his weaker efforts, and lacked the “roguishness” that makes a Marcinko novel such a guilty pleasure. However, we find the Rogue Warrior back in full swing with new co-author, James DeFelice.

In “Vengeance” we find our self-aggrandizing hero back in full swing with a new and improved Red Cell II. For those of you unfamiliar with the real Richard Marcinko, Red Cell was a specialized SEAL team founded in the 1980s, whose main task was to probe and break the security of “sensitive installations” such as nuclear submarine bases or other targets that were likely terrorist targets. During his tenure as commanding officer of Red Cell, Marcinko managed to ruffle quite a few feathers, as quite a few of the facilities had less than stringent security measures. Eventually Red Cell was disbanded and Marcinko was rewarded for his efforts with a free stay in a federal penitentiary. It was during his time there that he wrote his autobiography, appeared on “60 Minutes,” and became a best-selling author. The fruits of his efforts eventually led to the Rogue Warrior series of novels.

“Vengeance” has the newly formed Red Cell II assaulting the pencil pushers of the Department of Homeland Security, once again punching holes in the so-called “upgraded and secure facilities” of our post-9/11 world. In the process of probing the viability of taking over a cyanide-bearing train, Marcinko and his team uncover a plot to unleash said materials upon the United States. The action leads him across the country, and eventually to a dark rendezvous with his past.

The action and plotline of “Vengeance” is classic Marcinko: fast, full of detail and rich in profanity. If you like your action fast and furious, or if you are a longtime fan of Richard Marcinko, then his latest action/adventure novel “Vengeance” may be the right one to set your sights upon.

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