Marina to get $1 million face-lift |

Marina to get $1 million face-lift

Susan Wood

Jim Grant / Tahoe Daily Tribune / As part of a $1 million renovation plan, the city has given staff support to the Ski Run Marina's improvement plans.

As part of his $1 million renovation plan, Beverly Hills investor Mansoor Alyeshmerni wants to turn the Ski Run Marina pier public – opening access to pedestrians other than boat passengers. He also intends to widen and extend the pier to 800 feet to eliminate the need for dredging in low lake-level years.

Alyeshmerni plans to have concrete footings poured today that would allow for solar lights at the northeast side of the 4.3 acre-site by January. The sun-powered fixtures may serve as a welcome to visitors coming and going from boats docking at the pier, including a solar ferry the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency may finance as part of a $80 million plan for waterborne transit on Lake Tahoe. The hybrid marine powered-boat being explored is the Solar Sailor of Australia.

“Quite a few people come from the North Shore to the South Shore,” marina manager Dan Jack said Monday, pointing out the dilapidated marina. “It would be nice not to have this eyesore.”

The major improvement plan is pending permits and approvals.

Marina management and businesses have a lot of ideas for the place. One idea involves allowing fishing on the west side of the pier.

“In the spring, we get German Browns (trout) that like to go under the boats,” said Jack, who’s worked at the marina for 12 years.

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With all the improvement plans in the hopper, the city has decided to put staff support behind such a venture.

During last week’s City Council meeting, Economic Development Coordinator Camden Collins pledged her staff time to help walk Alyeshmerni through the permitting process, and the panel unanimously approved the commitment. The Ski Run Marina falls in the redevelopment zone, an area designated for community recreation and economic opportunity.

“We have a private investor that wants to put a pier in