Marlette Lake trout provide 1 million eggs |

Marlette Lake trout provide 1 million eggs

Adam Jensen

The Nevada Division of Wildlife wrapped up its annual collection of more than a million eggs from trout at Marlette Lake, near Lake Tahoe’s west shore, on Friday.

Over the past several weeks, approximately 800,000 rainbow trout eggs and 250,000 bowcutt trout (a hybrid between a male rainbow trout and a female cutthroat trout) eggs have been gathered from fish in the lake.

Marlette is the only lake in Nevada used by the Division of Wildlife for trout egg collection.

“Rather than have these brood stock fish at a hatchery, we put them in a lake,” said Kim Toulouse, NDOW volunteer coordinator in a press statement. “It’s better for the fish because it’s a completely natural environment and it’s much less expensive on our end as well.”

While Marlette is unique as the only lake where eggs are collected, it is just one of several sources of eggs for stocking operations in the state.

Nevada buys some strains of trout from out-of-state suppliers, costing more than $30 per 1,000 eggs, according to Doug Anderson, hatchery manager at Mason Valley Fish Hatchery, which receives nearly 500,000 eggs each year from Marlette.

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The lake’s abundance of fish bearing eggs stems from the approximately 4,000 rainbow trout stocked in the lake each year, and the 3,000 cutthroat trout stocked in the lake every other year, according to Anderson

Eggs from Marlette will end up in Nevada waterways west of Winnemucca (excluding Pyramid Lake and Weber Reservoir) next season as seven- to 10-inch trout, having spent the year raised in the relative safety of a hatchery.

Marlette Lake opens for catch-and-release fishing on July 15. Anglers may use only artificial flies and lures with single, barbless hooks.