Meet the rockers: Peanut butter cereal, sex and heavy metal |

Meet the rockers: Peanut butter cereal, sex and heavy metal

Tim Parsons
Lake Tahoe Action

Sorry guys, heavy metal heartthrob Lita Ford is taken.

Not only has she been married 15 years to Jim Gillette, Ford and her husband co-wrote all of the songs on her first album in 15 years, “Wicked Wonderland.” The two are inseparable, even during a telephone interview.

Lake Tahoe Action asked Gillette why, after living on a remote island for several years, they wanted to make an album.

“Lita said, ‘I want to make a heavy album and I don’t want to make no sandals-and-hairy-armpit kind of music,’ ” Gillette said. “That got me excited because I like it heavy.”

“And I don’t like hairy armpits,” shouted Ford, who on “Wicked Wonderland” sings about what she does like: sex.

“We talked about it and wondered, ‘Should we write an autobiography about our frickin’ sex life?’ ” Gillette said. ” ‘Should we let people see this?’ We thought about it and said, ‘Let’s do it. It’s us. It’s from the heart. It’s real.’ “

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Gillette said being open to new things has helped the marriage.

“Neither one of us had gotten into this freaky stuff before,” he said. “Our love life’s better 15 years after we got married than it was the day we got married. There won’t be no cheating in this family. Why eat at McDonald’s when you’ve got filet mignon at home?”

Ford, Gillette and their two sons left their island home to tour this fall with Queensrÿche. Ford is expected to sing three songs at Saturday’s Tahoe show with the metal band from Seattle, including, “Close My Eyes Forever,” a duet she recorded with Ozzy Osbourne, which in 1988 was No. 8 on the Billboard charts.

She will sing her biggest hit with Queensrÿche’s Geoff Tate.

“Ozzy never sang “Close My Eyes” with me (onstage) and I really wanted him to,” Ford said. “So I never had anybody to sing that song with, and now I have one of the best singers on the planet.”

Ford spoke with Lake Tahoe Action after the first show on the tour.

“I think people were really blown away,” she said. “I was hesitant to go onstage because they are Queensrÿche fans and I don’t want anybody to give me crap for trying to steal the show, which I’m not at all. That’s not why I’m here. I don’t want to get in anybody’s way. I told the guitar player flat out, ‘Look, this is your gig, I want you to know I’m not here to step on your toes or get in your way.’ “

Ford also will perform “Patriotic SOB,” which has been chosen by radio stations as the first single off the new album. The song’s lyrics revel in America’s freedoms, which include pornography.

So does “Patriotic SOB” imply Americans have too much freedom?

“Jim, he’s asking about that political (crap),” Ford said. “You take the phone.”

Gillette explained how a word from the song is intentionally bleeped out.

“We have freedom of speech but in the very next line we have to censor ourselves,” he said. “That’s trying to drive the point home. We really don’t have freedom of speech because if we didn’t bleep it out they wouldn’t play it on certain radio stations. It’s sort of like, ‘Yeah, we do have all these wonderful freedoms, and yeah, some people abuse them, but on the other side of it is maybe we’re not as free as we think we are.’ “

Ford said living away from mainstream society gave her time to reflect and be creative. But she said she and her family are enjoying shopping on the mainland, mailing packages of gadgets home, and eating food you can’t find on the island, including peanut butter cereal.

“On the islands you really have time to think,” she said. “Maybe that’s why we came up with such a great album. There is piece of mind. Then you come back to the United States and everybody’s running each other off the road and honking at each other and stealing things. But here we are, back again. We love the U.S., and we love peanut butter cereal.”

Who: Queensrÿche with Lita Ford

Where: Harrah’s Lake Tahoe, Stateline

When: Saturday, Nov. 7

Tickets: $39