Meyers pet owners warned about possible poison |

Meyers pet owners warned about possible poison

El Dorado County Animal Services is advising pet owners in the Cornelian Drive area of Meyers to be watchful of their dogs, after receiving several reports of dogs from that neighborhood who were exhibiting unusual illness, including seizures.

“We know of at least four or five dogs that have become sick over the past several weeks,” said Lt. Robert Gerat, supervising Animal Services officer. “We aren’t sure what is causing the dogs to become sick, but we wanted to let the neighbors know so that they can take precautions and alert us if they see anything out of the ordinary in that community.”

All of the dogs that became sick are believed to be outdoor dogs that were allowed to roam free. Two of the dogs have died. Animal Services is investigating the situation to try to determine the cause. At this point, it’s not known if animals are being intentionally poisoned or whether they might be encountering something harmful in the wild, officials said.

“The dogs may have ingested something as they were roaming in the neighborhood, but we haven’t found anything specific yet,” Gerat said.

The area where the illness has been observed is a small Meyers neighborhood just off Highway 89 that is bordered by Cornelian, Lindenwood, Pinewood and Mulberry drives.

Animal Services is advising the neighbors in the affected area do the following:

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To keep pets safe, don’t allow them to roam free off of your property. When walking your dog, keep it on a leash.

If your dog exhibits unusual illness, particularly symptoms of seizure, consult with your veterinarian, and report the situation to Animal Services.

If you see anything unusual in that area, including any suspicious activity, report this to Animal Services.

“If this is a case of someone intentionally trying to harm animals, we are definitely concerned,” Gerat said. “We will investigate any leads we receive.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact Animal Services at (530) 573-7925.