Meyers residents concerned about crowds in June |

Meyers residents concerned about crowds in June

by Jeff Munson, Tribune city editor

Public parking and concerns about three straight weekends in June of thousands of Renaissance-period enthusiasts poring into the Meyers area were aired Wednesday at a community roundtable meeting.

Last month, the Tallac Association went public with its plans to hold the annual three-weekend Valhalla Renaissance Festival at the Tahoe Pines Campground near Meyers, with camping at the KOA Campground.

The area is located on the east side of Highway 50, north of the intersection with South Upper Truckee Road in the Tahoe Paradise area.

More than 6,000 people are expected each day, event organizers say. The dates for the event are June 7-8, June 14-15, and June 21-22, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Residents who attended the meeting said they had not been given notice and learned about the event in the newspaper.

Meyers Roundtable Committee member Sue Novasel said some people spoke to the fact that their property adjoins the sites and expressed concern over noise and parking.

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Others said the town is already congested during the weekends in summer and that by adding more people it will pose more traffic problems.

“Right off the bat people said they want to know about traffic congestion, parking and accommodations,” Novasel said. “There is some defined overflow parking, but many are wondering whether it will be enough.”

A request for a special use permit to allow the Valhalla Renaissance Festival has been made. Review and comment on the plans can be made to the El Dorado County Planning Department through March 13.

Roundtable Chairwoman Sue Yang said more details on the plan should come after a March 24 meeting in Placerville among county law enforcement, environmental and planning agencies.

At the meeting, the agencies will take up parking, traffic and public safety issues. They will develop a plan and then present it to the public.

“The residents of Meyers want to know what the impacts will be,” Yang said. “They don’t want people parking in their driveways. Hopefully these issues will be addressed at the meeting.”

Much of the participant parking will be at the KOA Campground. Plans also call for using the abandoned stretch of Highway 50 behind the Faire site. Caltrans has already given approval. Also, customer parking and some participant parking will be at the South Lake Tahoe Airport. Organizers say that the amount of customers will be limited by the number of cars that can be accommodated at the airport.

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