Military’s favorite comic Kennedy gets Tahoe duty |

Military’s favorite comic Kennedy gets Tahoe duty

Howie Nave, Lake Tahoe Action
Lewis Black, Howie Nave and Scott Kennedy outside Harveys Improv.

I used to wonder every time Scott Kennedy boarded an airplane if he thought he was heading someplace or staying within the boundaries of this country? He’s back from Iraq and Kuwait for the 55th time, and will headline the Improv this week at Harveys through Sunday.

There are probably times when Scott wishes he could just stay on the ground long enough to get some good sleep and not have to set his watch backward or forward. Every time Scott heads overseas, he takes with him two different comedians to perform with him in a war zone. It’s been estimated that Scott has entertained close to 90,000 military personnel since he first started going over there seven years ago. If you count the number of times he’s brought comics to Afghanistan, Kuwait and Iraq the number tops over 60 times.

As the country begins winding down activity in Iraq, Scott has shifted attention getting comedians over to Afghanistan and will continue to do so as long as this country remains at war over there. Scott also tours other military installations around the world. I worked with Scott and comedian Graham Elwood in both Kuwait and Iraq, and nobody knows how to put shows together better than Scott.

You could say Scott was probably predestined to be in this line of work. As a young man, Scott attended the New Mexico Military Institute after high school and said he has always held anyone who worked in the military in high esteem.

A lot of comedians start out in other professions before becoming a standup. Not so with Flip Schultz.

He knew at the age of 8 he was going to be a comedian after he won a talent competition for doing stand-up and has his folks to thank for that. I know. What parent would submit his kid to a contest at that age, let alone one as a comedian? Flip’s parents, that’s who.

At least he had a decade to mull over a career as a comedian because it wasn’t until 18 that Flip performed at a real comedy club (which doubled as a bar) and won the open mic night contest. Hey, he already had the 8-year old credential, so Flip was already in the running.

For the next couple of years, he annoyed club owners and got as much stage time as possible. It paid off when he started making money, which made both himself and his parents very happy.

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