Minister’s forum: California high school at center of ‘design’ debate |

Minister’s forum: California high school at center of ‘design’ debate

Jerry Foster

In a current news story from Frazier Mountain High School in Lebec, Calif., an interesting story of origins has once again come to the headlines of the news.

For years we have witnessed a debate between those who hold to the belief that God created the heavens and the earth, according to Genesis Chapter One, and those who believe that we, and the earth, are the result of random forces working over millions of years: evolution.

The latest battle involves the concept of a designer, not a specific God of Judaism, Christianity or any other specific faith, but just the concept of design. I realize that “design” may sound like creation; however, it is not being presented that way – simply the concept of design versus random forces leading to order.

The case in Lebec involves a voluntary or elective class that teaches the concept of design as an alternative to the widely held belief in evolution as a scientific fact. Certain members of the school board are not sure that the “design” class should be offered. Many of the parents believe that the “design” class should be taught, and let the kids decide which view they hold, or encourage them to do more research on their own regarding the questions of origins. I am certain that this case will be repeated over and over, with different points and twists or facts and passion involved in the debate.

For years we have watched as our children were taught that evolution is a fact, and in most cases any reference to creation was not even allowed in public school classrooms and universities. It seems now that the debate is back on the forefront. Some states have even passed legislation that creation and evolution may both be taught side-by-side, only to be overturned by a court or school board or whatever. If the scientific/educational community have so much evidence for evolution, then they should not fear the “design theory” being taught along with evolution.

One of the frustrations regarding this continued issue is that evolution is continually presented as “science,” while creation or design is presented as “religion.” In reality, both views are based on faith.

That’s why it’s the “theory” of evolution as opposed to the “law” of gravity, which is based on true scientific fact.

Like Jesus said years ago, “You shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32.

– Jerry Foster is pastor at Calvary Chapel.

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