Minister’s forum: God can give us peace of mine |

Minister’s forum: God can give us peace of mine

Hillary Bittman

Why is it that a catastrophe pushes us toward God? Perhaps it’s because we otherwise forget why we’re here. We get busy with our lives, and there’s nothing wrong with that, except if it takes us away from our bigger purpose. We are not just physical bodies, we are spiritual beings. We are here to love and to grow in that love during those times, like now, when holding loving thoughts feels like the hardest thing in the world to do.

Yet, regardless of what is going on in our lives, if we remember that God is sourcing us in all moments, we might find it a little easier to deal with it. When we take the time to sit with God, in prayer, bringing all our pain, our anguish, and our anger within, to that deep place inside us all where God dwells, we find hidden strengths and transformation of thoughts that we can bring back out into the world. Certainly, God can’t give us back our forests, our houses or whatever else we’ve lost. What God can give us back, however, is our peace of mind.

When we sit in the silence following prayer, and experience the God of our own knowing vibrating within, through, and all around us, we are reminded that we are always safe. Right here in God’s love is the only place we are ever safe. It might be hard to accept, but houses, jobs, lovers, or children can never keep us safe in the long run. We are finding out that these are things that can be lost. However, our security as a child of God can never be lost, only forgotten for a while. The power, might and glory of God lives inside each of us as a living loving Presence, ready to be reclaimed at any moment we choose. I have heard countless blessings/miracle stories where people have rediscovered what’s truly important: old feuds being forgiven, finding out how strong our Tahoe community really is, hearts being broken and mended stronger than ever through the giving and receiving, and, especially, rediscovering and/or a strengthening of spiritual life. May each of you dear ones who are reclaiming your lives and reinventing what it means to be normal again find your sense of harmony and wholeness through a greater sense of God in your lives and a deeper knowing of the greatest Truth of you.

I didn’t lose my house and I hope never to know what it must feel like to lose everything. My parents, along with many other people I know, did. Indeed, everyone knows someone who did and it is normal to feel sad, depressed, overwhelmed and upset. I have heard from many people, unfortunately, that they also feel guilty because they have been more fortunate. In addition, there is frustration because they don’t know what to do to help. Please know that it helps no one to feel bad because we haven’t suffered as much as someone else. At the same time, it helps everyone greatly when we can stay connected to our own joy.

In fact, this is one of the most powerful things we can do to help our neighbors, especially if there is a feeling that you’re not doing enough or you don’t know anyone to help personally. Cultivate your relationship with God, nurture your joy, go for lots of walks or sit by the lake and breathe in the beauty of Lake Tahoe and breathe out love. Let’s not wait for another catastrophe to be the way of God and to express God’s love and joy in every moment.

– Hillary Bittman is the co-spiritual Leader at Unity at the Lake

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