Minister’s Forum: Live life with purpose, meaning, honor |

Minister’s Forum: Live life with purpose, meaning, honor

This was your life? What really was it all about? Greatness is not fame or fortune; the worst of people in our society have that.

We need to be living for something that is greater than ourselves. Something that is larger than life. Something that goes beyond our little world, that goes beyond this world, that has lasting value. Real purpose. Let’s raise the standard. You know what I’m talking about. Honor and Virtue.

We are a civilized culture that remembers those who fought for our country that we might be free. That our children might have a future without tyranny and oppression. We talk about their greatness and how they selflessly sacrificed their lives to serve our country. Why? Honor and Virtue. They were the great ones.

We remember at Thanksgiving to give thanks and pay respect to God, who has blessed our nation with abundance. Acknowledging that what we have above all the other nations of the Earth came from the great and generous heart of God. Why do we do this? Honor and Virtue. Acknowledging in humility the greatness of God.

We remember those who founded our great nation at great sacrifice of their lives and fortunes as “One Nation Under God with Liberty and Justice for all.” We remember great names like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Benjamin Franklin. Why? Honor and Virtue.

We remember our mothers and our fathers who brought us into this world and contributed everything they had to give in order that we might grow up and function in society as mature, happy, healthy adults. Stable and strong. Why? Honor and Virtue.

We remember at Christmas, that time of the year to send presents, to give not to get. We remember the sacrifice that God gave of “His Only Begotten Son” that we may be saved. He made it possible for all races, all nations, all people, rich or poor, in bondage or free, to live in peace. Why did God do this for us? Honor and Virtue.

His great love, his great name. History will remind us of their true greatness, in the great sacrifices that great men made to make the world a better place. Their weapons to combat evil? Honor and Virtue. Their greatness was not in their thrones or in the kingdoms they ruled. The names of evil men and their evil empires like Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein will go down in infamy. What are we going to tell our kids? What legacy are we going to leave behind? What do we stand for? What are we role modeling by the way we live?

True aspirations and great achievements for our kids are not found in “climbing the ladder to success,” “rising to the top,” “making yourself a name.” Sheer arrogance! Let’s challenge them by our lives and self-sacrifice for something far greater than this cheapness. Let’s raise our passion level and then empower others to achieve things like patriotism, loyalty, honesty and morality. Respect for God! Respect for authority! Gratitude for what you have and for those who sacrificed so you can have it. Why? Honor and Virtue! True greatness!

– Alan Morse is pastor at First Baptist Church.

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