Minister’s Forum: Reaching into the future today |

Minister’s Forum: Reaching into the future today

Alan Morse

The summer has sailed by and we just celebrated Labor Day weekend. Sometimes you get the feeling the Earth is spinning faster and the clock has been speeded up, that time is sprinting toward the finish line. The life span of a mosquito is 72 hours, and that is longevity.

We work extremely hard all our lives to make a living. We spend one third of our life preparing for what we are going to do, and before we know it we see the future has now become the past. We begin to take inventory or our lives. We may have succeeded in our special fields of training, but we have this massive question about the real meaning of life and this mysterious feeling that it probably wasn’t about what we made it to be.

What most people don’t realize is that they are always putting their hope in the future, and that things are going to get better and better. We fail to live in the present. The future is some fictional idea we have in our imagination that is outside of wise choices. The future is something to fix all the things we have done wrong.

In all reality the expectations and hope of the future can be nothing other than what we’re doing in the present. It is living each and every day in all the little things that we do and say. When you add them all up the sum total equals our life and what we were about. It’s critical that in spite of all the mistakes we have made in life, learning by trial and error, reaching great heights beyond our expectations, and at other times hitting the ground in some stupid thing that we did, that we lived with no regrets.

The treasure that a man has been given is the opportunity to claim a good name. Honor, virtue and integrity, and a life of selfless service, may seem at times to be futile when we see the wicked prosper and the righteous suffer. History and the passing of time has a way of sifting out the facts, and we rediscover those great names like Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill, who shaped our world for good. Their critics went down in infamy and are erased from our memories.

Moses is a name that comes to mind, though he lived 3,500 years ago. God gives us the obituary in the scriptures of this great man and the tribute that God paid to him at his death. God took him to the top of the mountain, showed him all the Promised Land to Israel, and there is that euphoric state of mind God took Moses and he slipped out into eternity to keep right on walking into the presence of God.

The scripture says, “and He (God) buried him.” Wow! Our life is but a hyphen on a monument from the day we are born to the day of our death. In all of our labors, let us invest our brief moments we have in life to serving the world around us for the good and glory of God.

Let us not waste our lives with meaningless pursuits and foolish pleasures that cheapen our existence with nothing more than chasing a feeling. Let our lives and the memories we leave behind be a sensational story of honor and triumph that will be told and retold without end. It is said in the Word of God, “We spend our years as a tale that is told.” Psalm 90:9.

Life is a race that we’ve all been called to run for God’s purpose, to fulfill in part with some grand ultimate plan that God purposed from the foundation of the world. Run like the wind for God. Sprint across the finish line into God’s presence and then, and only then, let the promise be found for those who ran for God, “that they may rest from their labors; and their works do follow them.” Revelation 14:13.

— Alan Morse is pastor at First Baptist Church South Lake Tahoe.

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