Minister’s Forum: Sermon in our surroundings |

Minister’s Forum: Sermon in our surroundings

Raymod Case

We have come to expect a few “spring-like” breaks from our Tahoe winters. We are in the mist of one such break as Easter approaches.

Springtime, Easter and the remembrance of Christ’s death and resurrection come to mind. It is said that if we are attentive, we can see a sermon in our surroundings. A recent church news article spoke to this “sermon in our surroundings.”

The news said, “There is something instructive about the gradual change in season that occurs this time of year in many regions of the world. With each passing day in the northern hemisphere, the sun rises higher and sheds its light and warmth longer, thawing the frozen ground. In response, tiny shoots from tulips and lilies, buried as bulbs last year, are poking up through the soil. All around us the climate bespeaks the emergence of new life after the starkness of winter.”

Springtime renewal can be compared to our own conversion and baptism. Paul, in Romans 6:3-6, teaches this “newness of life” is a divine gift to anyone who worthily enters the waters of baptism, there to have sins remitted and to come forth a “new creature” to whom “old things are passed away” and “all things are become new.”

At baptism we have the opportunity to begin a new relationship with our God, those in our families, those at work and those in our community. Many leave the baptismal font a changed person. I applaud all who have heeded the Master’s call to come, hear His voice, see His works, and through their works, become His disciple.

The church news observed, “Some having been baptized languish in a state of spiritual dormancy until some event or influence in their lives calls forth some introspection and an inner motivation to progress.”

We shouldn’t need a national event, the death of a loved one or some trauma at work to cause us to look to our Father in Heaven. I hope a spring day in the Sierra Nevada is enough of an event. I believe we all have seasons in our life. We all have our periods of funk. I pray the dormancy periods be short. I pray we have the introspection to cling to daily evidence that God lives.

– Raymod Case is a deacon of the South Tahoe Ward, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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