Minister’s Forum: Something new under the sun |

Minister’s Forum: Something new under the sun

Joel Martyn

So I have decided to do something new, something that I always have thought was not conducive to being an “exercise-induced” asthmatic. I took up jogging. When I began three weeks ago, I couldn’t even run all the way down my street; now, three weeks later, I am jogging six miles every other day. I have this great route that I jog that goes partly through the burn area of the Angora fire.

As I was on my jog one evening, I entered the burn area and was struck by something that seemed rather profound to me. Everywhere there were burnt-up trees, massive old cedars, firs and pines – symbols of the profound pain that this town went through a year ago. So, as I was jogging through the area, I noticed lots of new growth, too – flowers, grasses, plants – and it seemed to me that there was some kind of redemption involved here. New life was rising up out of the ashes, and I experienced a profound hope. A hope and an expectation that God always is there in the redemptive healing process.

Seeing the new life rising out of the ashes helped me to understand that our creative God definitely is at work healing our environment, and you can bet that same God is working his redemptive process in our lives as well.

My invitation to you is this: Take a moment and look around you at the new life that is springing up in the burn area. It has almost been a year since the fire. Contemplate as you look back at that year, how God was at work in your life. You never know what you might find.

Till next time, God’s blessing!

– Joel Martyn is pastor of Hope Lutheran Church of the Sierras.

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