Minister’s Forum: The power of love |

Minister’s Forum: The power of love

Joel Martyn

The text that I am reminded of today comes from Luke 9:28-36, which tells us about the transfiguration of Christ into his full glory, and I can’t help but think about the process of change that was begun in Christ (and through Christ in us) so long ago.

It’s a process of change in our lives that doesn’t occur overnight. It’s gradual, sneaky and sometimes blatant. This transfiguration which we go through is simply a side effect of receiving Christ Jesus as Lord.

We may find that after receiving Christ and entering into a relationship with him, things that once made us angry don’t quite set us off anymore. We may be surprised when we feel compassion and patience for people whom we normally wouldn’t associate. We may be even more surprised when we suddenly feel love toward a person whom we have been enemies with for years.

These little changes in our attitudes and mindset start to become normal, because they are a reflection of the transfigured Christ within us. That little thing called the Holy Spirit is what stokes the fire of change within us. It’s like an amplifier of God’s love for us. When we acknowledge that love, it bursts out in ways unexpected and amazing.

The love of God is a powerful and sometimes scary fact of life. But when we acknowledge that love, that’s when life begins, that’s when joy begins, and that’s when hope is renewed.

My friends, my prayer for you today is that you get to experience this life-changing, life-transfiguring love that Christ Jesus offers so freely. If you want to experience this love of God, then find a good faith community. And remember that you’re always welcome at Hope Lutheran.

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God’s blessings on you all.

– Joel Martyn is pastor of Hope Lutheran Church of the Sierra.