Minister’s Forum: The shining city |

Minister’s Forum: The shining city

Alan Morse

President Ronald Regan loved to refer to America as a shining city set on a hill. Abraham was also a great man; he was looking for a city, which had a real foundation and whose builder and maker was God himself. Men like these were great visionaries who’s perspective on life and passions were driven by the Almighty Himself. I believe that if we take these same principals and apply them to our own personal lives, that together as a city and as a nation with the help of God we can lift ourselves up above the catastrophic problems that we are faced with today.

I believe that at the very heart and soul of our great country there still is a people that lift up their eyes a little bit higher, extend their arms a little bit longer, give their hearts a little bit more, to far more nobler aspirations than the pettiness of man’s meager mortal existence.

I believe that we can all broaden our horizons, strengthen our foundations with eternity on our mind, and the truth in our hearts, and find at least one struggling person that we can lift up today and get them back up, and show them the way.

I believe that we can look into our own hospitals and find the lonely widow with no children, no friends and no family whose life is hanging between heaven and earth that we could bear our hearts to and make their passing over so much easier for them.

I believe that we could find a wondering poor lost soul who has given up on life, lost all hope and feels that they have nothing to live for and give them their life back again.

People just need a chance. Sometimes they just need a hand on their shoulder, one word of encouragement and eyes fixed upon their eyes that says, ” I care, God cares, you’re worth something and you can make it.” Empowering people for living. America and her shining cities across her fruited planes from coast to coast can rise up, experiencing a great awakening toward those spiritual truths that she once was rooted in, she can rise up and experience a rebirth in the power and blessings of God that will be a beacon, a lighthouse, a great light, the light of the world. A bright and shining city set on a hill, a city which has a true foundation whose builder and maker is God.

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— Alan Morse is pastor at First Baptist Church.