Minister’s forum: Things aren’t as they were, but don’t despair |

Minister’s forum: Things aren’t as they were, but don’t despair

Alan Morse

There is a feeling way down inside the heart of man, this awareness that things are not the way they should be or could be, that something drastically is missing. The whole world and the universe about us gives us this distinctive indication that it is groaning and travailing in pain, wrestling within itself to just get past another winter and experience another opportunity when spring comes to blossom and lives again.

Everything that is was not originally the way that it was and we say within ourselves death should not be, nor things struggling to live that are dying should not be, nor the fading and diminishing of the star-studded galaxies of the moon receding from the Earth, or the sun cooling down and our planet beginning to stagger on its axis orbiting around the sun.

Nothing is the way that it should be or could be the way it once was. Every year upon our lives seems to be a little less than the year before, a little more pain, a little more difficult to get up in the morning, and a little less strength to get through the day. It comes as a shock to us midway into our life that we are not going to live forever in the here and now.

Discovering our own mortality, our limitations, it’s in this season of our life, somewhere around the fall and beginning of winter that the groanings of our soul with each decade grow exponentially.

We can look back over our lives and learn wisdom at least from what not to do to grow from our mistakes, not to despair but to move forward with wisdom that God has put within our being. To give it our very best shot, all of our ambitions, all of our strength to bring the world back where it should be, where it could be, where it can be, and with the help of God and Jesus Christ our Lord.

That’s our business, that’s what our lives are about, to pick people up on our shoulders, to carry them in our arms, to give them a shoulder to lean upon that there is a way back, that here is a recovery, a restoration to that which is alive, beautiful, glorious and victorious.

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God wants to recreate us into a new creation and make all things brand new. It’s in His heart to plant a new seed that will blossom, that will give us great hope and joy in the World of God and the refreshing of the Lord through the person of the Holy Spirit.

He is preparing us all for heaven and eternity that will ask Him to, and want Him to, and to become His beautiful creation. His new creation is inside of us, shining through us, a revelation of the Glory of God to a dying world.

We will wait like Job until our change comes, groaning on the outside but rejoicing on the inside.

This mortal will put on immortality and this body will be translated into the presence of God when He calls us home, and we will be transformed into the awesome of the Glory of Christ. God in His great unfathomable plan through the Cross of Jesus Christ and His Resurrection and His coming again has destined to bring everything full circle, to restore us. What evil has ruined God will restore and all things the way they originally were into His glorious image, so we can say. “O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory? But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ,” I Corinthians 15:55 & 57. This is the Good News.

-Alan Morse is pastor of First Baptist Church of South Lake Tahoe.