Minister’s Forum: What does the Mormon church believe? |

Minister’s Forum: What does the Mormon church believe?

Anthony L. Naccarato

Greetings to my brothers and sisters in Christ. As I interact with the people in our community, I find that many have wondered what members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints believe.

Because the leaders of our church understand that there is a great misconception about the principles of our church, they conducted interviews with people who reside in New York City and the surrounding area. Twenty-four questions were posed.

Here are the questions:

1. Where did I come from?

2. Does God have more for me?

3. Does God really know me?

4. I lived before birth?

5. Does God care about my suffering?

6. What is my relationship with Jesus Christ?

7. Did I exist before this life?

8. How can I feel closer to God?

9. What’s the purpose of my life?

10. Does God answer my questions?

11. Why doesn’t God call prophets today?

12. Does God have more to teach us?

13. Could a young farm boy really have seen God?

14. I can be married forever?

15. Isn’t everyone searching for the truth?

16. How can I know this is true?

17. What’s missing from my life?

18. Will I be with my family after death?

19. God has a plan for my life?

20. Motherhood is part of God’s plan?

21. Why do we have trials?

22. How can I find answers to my life’s questions?

23. What happens to people who have never heard of Jesus Christ?

24. Does life have to be painful?

In future forums I will provide you a brief summary of the answers that were given to these important questions. If you would like to read some of the answers given by those interviewed, please log on to

I look forward to visiting with each of you in the future. With love, your brother, Bishop Anthony Naccarato.

— Anthony L. Naccarato is bishop of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in South Lake Tahoe.

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