Modwella joins South Lake Tahoe community, offering in-home IV infusions

Angela Harvey is a registered nurse at Modwella, offering customized IV infusions to patients in the comfort of their home.
Javier Silva / Tahoe Daily Tribune

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. – Whether it was a long night out at the casinos at Stateline, a day spent on Lake Tahoe without drinking enough water, or simply just catching the common cold – experiencing dehydration and not feeling 100% has happened to everyone at some point in time. 

In an effort to provide healthy intravenous infusions in the comfort of one’s home, Modwella, short for “modern wellness,”  has become a part of the local business landscape, with frontrunners Angela Harvey, a South Lake Tahoe local and registered nurse, and Bo Massey, Modwella nurse and service provider, bringing this personalized experience to South Lake Tahoe. 

“Modwella’s very personalized and convenient in-home concierge health and wellness services are designed to help you take care of your health while maintaining balance in your life and your schedule on a personal, family, and professional level,” Massey said.

With Modwella offering services in the comfort of their patients’ homes, Harvey and Massey are grateful to be able to provide this service to those, ultimately to get infusions of vitamins for issues that aren’t typically life threatening, such as hangovers, a stomach bug, or dehydration. 

Harvey has newly gotten involved with offering health and wellness services at Modwella, and is also eager to continue to grow with the company to assist individuals in healing in their safe environment.

Angela Harvey is a registered nurse at Modwella, offering customized IV infusions to patients in the comfort of their home.
Javier Silva / Tahoe Daily Tribune

Harvey and Massey continue, stating that assisting their patients reinstills why they are involved in the company. 

“It’s so fulfilling to go to someone’s home, hook them up to an IV, and help them feel better,” Massey said. “Most of our patients tell us they’re already feeling back to normal and better before the IV bag is even done. We are in healthcare to help people feel better, and it’s very rewarding to help those in need when they need it most. I love making people feel better, but I don’t even need to convince people that they’re helping, the fluids convince them themselves.” 

Modwella offers a variety of different infusion “cocktails,” essentially a blend of different vitamins that help assist a patient, depending on what their symptoms are and what will help them feel better. 

“Our most popular cocktail infusion is the ‘Revive,’ which is a Meyers IV, which has all the vitamins and nutrients in an IV bag that are needed for most of our patients to get back to feeling better,” Massey said. “It’s similar to a banana bag, but better. Our Revive cocktail includes Vitamin C, B12, Zinc, Magnesium, B-Complex, and more. It’s really all the things to boost your immune system and get you hydrated immediately.” 

Along with their Revive infusion, they also offer infusion cocktails specifically tethered to targeted symptoms for individuals. According to Modwella’s website, the company offers IV infusions for hangovers, immunity, fat burner, beauty, recovery, antioxidant, migraine, pregnancy, gut bug, hydrate, and PMS symptoms. 

Looking forward, Modwella is eager to grow in the South Lake Tahoe community, and start to offer IV infusions at local events in the area. 

“Given how active a lifestyle most people lead in Lake Tahoe, we’d love to get involved more with offering IV infusions at local events, such as marathons and triathlons, having a booth and helping athletes get immediately hydrated to keep them going,” Massey said. 

Harvey elaborates, stating that they are looking forward to further establishing Modwella in the local community, providing services to those in need, and is eager to offer services both in the comfort of patients’ homes as well as at local, upcoming events in the future. 

Modwella is eager to be offering their infusion services in South Lake Tahoe, and hope that many individuals will utilize their customized service to feel better throughout the year. 

“Lake Tahoe is such a small, family community, so I think that everyone will start to realize that what we are offering is a necessary service in our community to feel better throughout the year,” Massey said. “[Infusions] are a great, natural way to stay healthy. We aren’t giving you medications that you don’t know what they are, this is 100% natural vitamins that help aid in improving your health.”

Modwella has all of their pricing and menu of services listed on their website,, and the company is offering 10% off for first-time patients. For more information on Modwella, visit their website, or follow Modwella on Instagram at @modwella_ca. 

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