Most Tahoe residents support retaliation |

Most Tahoe residents support retaliation

Gregory Crofton

People in South Lake Tahoe on Monday morning approved of the bombings in Afghanistan. Many of them expect retaliation from terrorists.

“I think what we did was appropriate,” said Corey Beaugrand, a 36-year-old marina worker from Hawaii. “You’d think there might be some kind of retaliation – I think it might be American hostages. The biggest scare is biological weapons. That and the hostages.”

David Dempster, an 18-year-old who was filling out a job application near the post office at Al Tahoe Boulevard, believes there will be an attack in days or weeks.

“Not around here, but probably in a larger city on the East Coast, maybe Washington D.C. or New York again,” he said. “Iraqis have got biological weapons. I wouldn’t be surprised if they sold some to al-Qaida.”

Others said they believed that if the United States hadn’t bombed Afghanistan terrorist attacks would keep coming.

“I’m glad to see something happen to make it stop,” said Curtis Brogie, a 30-year-old restaurant manager at South Shore. “It was unprovoked the first time. I don’t think anything would stop another attack without our retaliation.”

Marie Endecott, a wedding coordinator in Meyers, agreed.

“I think it should have happened right after they attacked us,” she said. “First it was a war, then a tragedy and then an incident. We have all those weapons, we should use them.”

The issue is not as clear cut for Joan Lampman, a woman who retired at Tahoe two years ago after 25 years working in the juvenile justice system.

“It bothers me. I get frustrated about it because there is not much I can do,” she said. “I have mixed feelings. One part of me says really do it, another part says there must be a way to do it peacefully. I think these people have a lot of hate in them. You’ve got to stand behind the president and hope it was the right decision.”

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