Mother uses personal experience to help |

Mother uses personal experience to help

Sara Thompson / Tahoe Daily Tribune

Jim Grant / Tahoe Daily Tribune

Loretta Cristando Holton’s 17-year-old son Adam died climbing on Shakespeare Rock near Glenbrook at Lake Tahoe on May, 20 1997.

“I’ve gone through the worst loss any parent can experience, and I’ve moved forward,” Holton said.

Part of the reason she’s been able to keep going is because she’s maintained her relationship with her son after his death.

Holton said she began receiving messages from Adam two years after his death. She never wrote creatively before, but soon began receiving inspiration from Adam.

“If I wanted to sit down to try to write, nothing would come,” Holton said. “Adam helped me write.”

She decided to share the poems she’d written with her family and friends. With their support and encouragement, she began making cards with the inspirational messages.

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In December 2007, she self-published a book about her experiences and messages from Adam called “The Journey of Expansion: A Mother’s Journey From Loss to Eternal Love.”

She decided to write about her experiences so she could help others through their healing process after the death of a family member or friend.

“I believe that love is eternal and the relationship still continues after they’re gone,” Holton said.

The book begins with Holton describing the grieving process everyone went through when her son died, and then leads into how the messages started coming to her from Adam.

The messages are in poem form, and identify themes many people can relate to who have coped with loss, such as blame, anger, sorrow and the anniversary of a death.

“The first anniversary is extremely difficult,” Holton states in her book. “As the date approaches, your emotions will accelerate.”

Holton pairs her own experiences with the messages she received from Adam at the time. One poem even describes how people should celebrate the life of the departed, rather than remain in mourning.

“Celebrate the loss of a loved one,” the poem states. “What a wonderful gift to be able to look back on the love, peace and kindness that your loved one came to give.”

Ultimately Holton wants other to benefit.

“This has been a very personal journey from the loss of a son to eternal love,” Holton states in her book. “I will forever cherish his life. I hope that you who read my experiences will receive the same comfort and healing that comes with knowing love is eternal and never dies.”

Holton still receives signs from Adam. Sometimes when she thinks about him, his favorite song will come on the radio, or she’ll seeing the number 1013 (Adam’s birthday was Oct. 13) everywhere, such as on a digital clock, license plate or on a sign.

She didn’t publish all of her writings, and Holton said she plans to put together another book sometime in the future.

“The Journey of Experience Expansion: A mother’s journey from loss to eternal love” is available at Gailicious, on Tallac Avenue by Yellow Sub.

For more information, or to purchase the book online, go to