Movement Improvement: We take care of our cars, right? |

Movement Improvement: We take care of our cars, right?

One of the biggest parts of my job as a physical therapist is teaching. When I get those patients who have never been through physical therapy before, who have never really been injured before, it’s my job to help them to understand why they need to dedicate the time to do certain exercises for their recovery, and then why they need to make time to do other exercises after their rehab to maintain what they have gained.

One of my favorite analogies to use here is the car analogy. How would your car run if you never got an oil change? (Sadly I have come across someone who didn’t know you were supposed to do this, and guess what…her car died!). What would happen if you didn’t drive your car regularly, or get those big service jobs, or warm your car up on the cold mornings before taking it out, or for that matter even the most basic thing of filling it with gas when it needs fuel? Well, most of us know to do these things to take care of our vehicles, and we do them without question.

So why is it that many of us don’t treat our bodies in the same way, yet expect them to perform for us when we want, and for a much longer lifetime than that of our cars? We too need proper fuel, you are what you eat, so nutrition has a big effect on performance and overall health. We should be doing proper warm-ups before big workouts or events to prevent injury. We need to lubricate our joints by working on flexibility and general movement. We need proper strength and conditioning so we can perform the way we want when we want. And there are those times when our bodies need that extra service, when injuries happen, our bodies need proper care from the experts. If you are in need of a tune-up, or would like to know how to prevent injury with a good maintenance program, call me.

Jessica Monaloy, PT CIMT is a physical therapist in Meyers. She can be reached at 530-721-3253 or Visit her website at

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