My view: Nevada vs. California mentality undermines community (opinion) |

My view: Nevada vs. California mentality undermines community (opinion)

Carl Ribaudo
Tribune Opinion Columnist


Does it matter where an organization is physically located, as long as they deliver goods and services? Bank of America is headquartered in North Carolina; they deliver financial services to South Shore residents. Southwest Gas is headquartered in Las Vegas, but they deliver gas to South Shore homes every day. The same goes for Liberty Utilities; they are located in Oakmont, Canada. In this day and age, where an organization is located has little bearing on the services it delivers. We think nothing of calling a company on the North Shore or in Nevada, or any place for that matter, as long as they perform the services you need.

Why do I bring this up? Because for over a decade there has been individual organizations and publications that continually refer to the Lake Tahoe South Shore Chamber of Commerce as “Nevada based.” It started years ago when the South Lake Tahoe Chamber and the Tahoe Douglas Chamber were merged — and several of those that didn’t agree with the merger began referring to the new chamber of commerce as “Nevada based.” It didn’t matter that the board of directors were from both California and Nevada or that the majority of members were from California. They still refer to the organization as “Nevada based.”

The question is why? I’ll tell you — it’s to create an artificial division within the community that individuals try to exploit for their own benefit. There is no question that the community has different positions on issues, and those issues should be debated passionately. But to divide a community based on a state line most people (visitors and locals alike) could care less about, and a state line that does not exist as far as jobs and money are concerned, undermines the entire South Shore community.

So whenever you hear or read the words “Nevada based” from a politician, an organization or a publication, know they are seeking to divide us for their own benefit — be it power, money or influence. For what it’s worth, the Chamber now has an office in California in the Tahoe Mountain Lab building.

In other news, public art is so challenging — and the proposed sculpture for Lake View Commons has received very mixed reviews. It’s driven off the concept of the facility “Champions Plaza.” I am not sure who came up with that name, but I don’t think it really reflects the local values of the community. Just look at the daily use of the facility, especially Thursday nights. Does the use fit with the name?

That being said, I do think the three gold-medal woman deserve special recognition — but they are part of the community; they don’t define the community, as I believe this art is trying to do. I agree art is in the beholders eye, but art should speak to you and move you in some way. I can’t speak for others, but for me it doesn’t work. One thing art should do, however, is stimulate debate on who we are and what our values are, a discussion long overdue in my opinion; and if nothing else this piece is doing just that.


Last week the Nevada Oversight Committee approved moving forward with a $750 million in public funding for building a stadium for the Oakland Raiders to move to. Really? This in a state ranked last in education in the United States.


It’s October — don’t miss the World Series. What else?


America lost one of its greatest sportsman with the passing of Arnold Palmer. We all owe him a big “thank you” for his contribution to the game. A tip of my hat, may he rest in peace.

Carl Ribaudo is a contributing opinion columnist for the Tahoe Daily Tribune. He is also a consultant, speaker and writer who lives in South Lake Tahoe. He can be reached at

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