My View: Notes from the front row |

My View: Notes from the front row

Once again, Lahontan shows why it is the worst-run resource agency in the state of California. As you might recall, the Lahontan Board of Directors recently approved the South Shore Fuel Reduction and Healthy Forest Restoration Project, which was started back in 2004. Eight years! This is perfect illustration of government incompetence at its best. “Eight years in the making is just too long, we should all be ashamed,” stated Martin Goldberg, who leads the Lake Valley Fire Protection District Fuels Reduction Program. This agency has failed over and over and over again, whether it’s its policy of fuels reduction that helped contribute to the Angora fire or the half-baked Total Maximum Daily Load program or eight years to get this project done. The board has lost control and should do the state and all of us a favor and just resign. Let’s start over with a new executive director. Eight years is evidence that demands a verdict. The worst.

It’s great to hear that MontBleu will be adding outdoor entertainment this summer. This will complement the roster of entertainment that happens with Harveys and further solidifies the direction the South Shore is heading, with special events including events like SnowGlobe, the proposed events at Lakeview Commons and all the other new events that will be offered in the area.

By the way, if we change the name of Lakeview Commons to the proposed Washoe name, “Tahnu Leweh,” someone please include the phonetic pronunciation until we all learn it.

By now, you have heard that the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency is releasing the Draft Regional Plan Update. This plan represents a great opportunity to move environmental improvement, the economy and the community forward. It’s an attempt to at least balance those issues and recognize the failure of the past approach to protect the environment and pay no heed to the economy or the community. But there are two very different views of the regional plan, the first by the Environmental Industrial Complex (all the usual suspects) in which they really are arguing for the status quo, a heavily regulated approach that doesn’t change much. The second and more progressive approach is one of sustainability, an approach that recognizes there is an interconnection and balance needed moving forward. The environmental old guard will argue their standard old position that building will be bad for the environment. But that argument just does not stand up to the facts. New redevelopment brings with it an opportunity to improve environmental issues and problems related to that project. In fact, every project approved by TRPA will bring significant sediment reductions, yet the same Environmental Industrial Complex protests at every turn – look at all the lawsuits. It has become clear that those positions are no longer credible and have actually failed the environment. But find out for yourself, go to meetings, read the information and become involved and give voice to the future you would like to see – the status quo or something, anything different. Get involved.

“Man Up” Gov. Jerry Brown is telling the legislature to “man up” to further tax cuts. Too bad the governor is focusing the brunt of those cuts on kids and those less needy. Let’s see the governor “man up” and deal with cuts to the unsustainable levels of salary and benefits to employees.

Will the federal government and the State of California do everyone a favor and sort out the legalized marijuana issue? I don’t care what side of the issue you are on – either for or against, the people of this state deserve better when it comes to public policy. Can everyone get in a room and not leave until it’s figured out? Please. Your citizens, the people who pay your wages, await some clarity in their lives.

Marley. A new documentary about Bob Marley. A great two-plus hours of rare footage of a poet who gave voice to the poor and oppressed throughout the world.

The website. Michelle Sweeney has some really good audio interviews of key players regarding the regional plan.

Who is Anne Harper and why you should know? You may or may not know that the league is not outwardly involved in the lawsuit against the Homewood project on the west shore, which has been unanimously approved by TRPA. That lawsuit was filed by Earthjustice. What you may not know is that Anne Harper was a lawyer for Earthjustice. She is also a board member of the League to Save Lake Tahoe: connect the dots. So while the league can say they did not file the lawsuit … well, you get the picture. Remember, don’t trust what they say – watch what they do.

Very sorry to see the passing of Levon Helm most notably the drummer for the Band. Levon was a good one, with voice that was real to the core. He will be missed.

– Carl Ribaudo is a contributing columnist to the Tahoe Daily Tribune. He is also a consultant, speaker and writer who lives in South Shore. He can be reached at

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