My View: Notes from the Front Row (Opinion) |

My View: Notes from the Front Row (Opinion)

Carl Ribaudo

Local Musings

It’s been interesting to see that some parts of the community are interested in recalling Councilwoman Tamara Wallace. I think it is a bad idea and a terrible precedent.

Let me be clear, there are times when recalling an elected official may be warranted. If an official violates the law or does some heinous act let a recall happen. But to undertake a recall because you do not like the way a politician votes, to me does not rise to the level of recall.

Think about it. I disagree with many votes Councilwoman Wallace makes; in fact, I think I flatly disagree with her analysis on a variety of issues. But I would not recall her for that. It is terrible and not deserved. If you do not like the way a politician votes, then vote them out.

Reality check. This Fourth of July start to summer is going to provide a reality check in several ways.

First, we are going to have a better understanding of how important fireworks are in attracting visitors. I have always wondered if this destination would still be crowded if we did not have fireworks.

The second reality check has to do with the coronavirus which has certainly wreaked havoc with tourism economies all over the country and the South Shore is no exception.

While we also recognize the importance of tourism. The South Shore has opened and started the recovery process, but it’s clear we are not out of the woods by any stretch.

We simply don’t see consistent wearing of masks and social distancing, the very behaviors that are increasing infections across the country.

Look at Texas, Florida, and the rest of California, just Sunday the Gov. Gavin Newsom shut down bars in seven counties with another eight counties on the recommended list.

At what point will people really take this seriously? Part of the challenge is the ambiguousness of wearing a mask. I appreciate the businesses in town that tell you to wear a mask or do not come in. Guess what, people understand that. The South Shore no doubt depends on tourism, but by not adhering to mask wearing and social distancing, it may be just a matter of time before we shut down again.

Every business can do their part and send a simple and clear message “NO MASK NO ENTRY.” Do not want to play by the social distancing rules, don’t come in. Protect the community and protect our economy.

Confederate flags, confederate memorials and forts named after discredited generals should have been done away with long ago. Let us be clear, the confederacy was about the subjugation of a race of people through slavery to be used in an economic system for the benefit of a white southerners.

This is a welcome development. I have never agreed with these tributes. At the time of the civil war the south in their own view was a separate country. They were defeated and conquered by northern troops. No defeated and conquered country should be able to redefine its history and have monuments to its defeated past.

It’s time to expose the southern “lost cause” narrative which the preservation of southern life was a lie designed to create justification for slavery.

Keeping US forts named after a foreign country general that we defeated makes about as much sense as naming a fort after General Rommel or Admiral Yamamoto.

The confederate flag and monuments are cruel in their existence; there are over 1,700 hundred of them in this country and the only legitimate response is to get rid of all of them.


Wear a mask and social distance. Protect yourself, Protect the community and protect the SouthShore. Stay safe and healthy. Visit only those stores and restaurants that have clear practices about wearing a mask and social distancing.

It is a Wrap

This week is the Fourth of July. We are a badly broken country, red and blue, north and south, people of color and caucasian. In my years I have never seen a wider gap between us. But maybe this Fourth of July we can reach beyond what divides us and see what united us. We are the United States. Maybe just for one day.

Carl Ribaudo is a columnist, consultant, speaker, and writer who lives in South Lake Tahoe. He can be reached at

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