My view: Notes from the front row |

My view: Notes from the front row

Local Musings

It’s only fitting to talk about changes and moving forward during the first month of the New Year. It’s a topic I have been giving some thought to and trying to figure out how to make positive changes in a community when, inevitably, there is someone or some group that will be against it. If policymakers only listen to those who yell the loudest as opposed to what’s best for all, it is conceivable we could never make any changes and slowly rot of the status quo. We need to find a better way to set up the dialogue and communication between the city, county, TRPA and the community so we can make changes or we are what we are and the game is over.

I found it interested that Joseph and Joan Truxler filed a federal lawsuit against the LTVA for the twice a year fireworks. I mean, really, a lawsuit? Somehow this does not smell right. The lawyer for the Truxlers is one Michael Lozeau, who is a typical San Francisco environmental lawyer. What is interesting is Mr. Lozeau was previously involved in the Earthjustice Environmental Law Clinic at Stanford. This is the same Earthjustice environmental group that is suing on the Homewood project. Mrs. Truxler claims they don’t want to cancel the fireworks, they just want better oversight — yeah right with a federal lawsuit. Note to the Truxlers, here is the LTVA phone number: 775-588-5900. Pick up the phone, schedule a meeting and I just bet the LTVA can get an extra cleanup crew to pick up any debris that ends up in your neighborhood. We have seen this approach before and the Truxlers have not figured out that selfish lawsuits are not welcome in this community, it’s better to work together to solve the problem.

The paid parking issue sure has taken an interesting turn. After getting the community all excited and worked up to get a measure on the ballot, it now appears a simple Google search would have revealed there is not much chance this approach will succeed. It was tried before in Ventura and the courts denied it. The Tahoe 4 Tahoe group and their attorney should have done their homework. Bush league.

I am not suggesting that the paid parking issue is perfect. It’s not and it could have been done better. I think the city can and will make improvements, but I believe the era of the free lunch is over. If you use a city asset, you should pay for it. If you use the recreation center, you pay for it; same thing at the golf course. Parking is no different and tax payers should not subsidize those who want to park using city assets while charging others.

The Big Picture

I keep reading how flush the State of California now is with tax revenue. It makes me wonder if that tax increase the citizens approved was necessary. Or was this the plan all along? Just thinking out loud.


You can’t miss the Super Bowl. Even if you are just a casual fan, just eat the food and watch the ads. You will be entertained. The Seattle and Denver matchup is great. Have fun.

It’s a Wrap

I was really saddened to learn about the passing of Dana Benedict. I used to love talking with him. He always had some insight on the real estate market or sports or anything for that matter. I especially enjoyed talking it up every year at the Fourth of July while we barbecued at the beach. The community lost one big Oregon Duck and Grateful Dead fan. He will be missed.

— Carl Ribaudo is a contributing columnist to the Tahoe Daily Tribune. He is also a consultant, speaker and writer who lives in South Shore. He can be reached at

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