My View: Notes from the front row |

My View: Notes from the front row

Local Musings

About the fireworks issue: What most people don’t understand is the community and the agencies got the message that a better after-fireworks cleanup is necessary. What the community did not like was the Truxlers approach, there is and will continue to be a visceral reaction to environmental lawsuits when the issue can and should be resolved by other means. The Truxlers thought the whole community would be on their side and they were shaken to see the response. That’s what happens when someone threatens peoples’ economic well-being. The fact is the community is on their side when it comes to the need for better cleanup, but they were not on their side when it came to the lawsuit. It would be a mistake to think this could not have been dealt with meetings instead of lawsuits.

The final nail in the coffin of old guard approach to protecting Lake Tahoe occurred when the TRPA trounced the Sierra Club in their lawsuit. What the Sierra Club and their Earth Justice attorneys still do not understand is the status quo does not fix environmental problems. Ask yourself, if this lawsuit was so important for the protection of Lake Tahoe why was the League to save Lake Tahoe not involved? This was not about protecting the Lake it was about the egos of those involved, their 15 minutes of fame.

Will someone from the environmental industrial complex please tell this community how fixing the private sector will damage lake clarity? Also tell this community how increased density that facilitates public transit will damage the environment; and finally tell the community how having a strong economy with good employment will damage the environment. Why is it that other destinations that care just as much about their environment can have a nice built environment and strong community and protect the environment but somehow Tahoe can’t?

I don’t see a problem with the Chamber of Commerce starting to back political candidates. It may have been a concern back when the chamber was getting funding from the city, but that is long gone. I mean all of the unions, the environmental groups and other back political candidates why can’t the chamber? Makes perfect sense giving the business community a voice. (Full disclosure: I am a Chamber member and was the Chamber president eight years ago and I was against backing political candidates back then.)

The Big Picture

I have little sympathy for Cliven Bundy the Clark County rancher who has defied federal government grazing permits. He is wrong. The courts have ruled he is wrong and he needs to pay up and get his cows of federal land. What I had a problem with is again the Federal Government response was way over the top. Two hundred federal agents, snipers and attack dogs; really? Harry Reid called the protestors domestic terrorists. The video I checked saw men women and children using their First Amendment rights to protest a federal government action, not domestic terrorists. Why not arrest Bundy next time he drives to church instead of the ridiculous show the feds put on?


Don’t miss the new “Saving Lake Tahoe” book by Michael Makley. It’s been an interesting read I’ll have a more detailed thoughts next month but certainly worth reading.

It’s a Wrap

Spring is here and not a moment too soon. That was a tough winter for many including those who were not able to work because of a lack of snow. It is all the more important to strengthen the tourism economy during other parts of the year.

Carl Ribaudo is a contributing columnist to the Tahoe Daily Tribune. He is also a consultant, speaker and writer who lives in South Shore. He can be reached at

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